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This is How We Make the BEST Bacon on Our BackYard FARM (Step 1 Curing)

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  1. Al, have you thought about raising an extra pig to sell and perhaps make a small profit. Do you plan to harvest any of the make fiats for red neat? What are you doing with all the milk. Have you made any cheese?

  2. You should try honey carrots. Add a tblspn of honey and a bit of butter to the water and cook your carrots as normal. I usually julienne the carrots when I cook them this way. More of the sweetness penetrates.

  3. Hey Al, after watching this video I made a little google spreadsheet you can use when wanting to calc the spices you need for your bacon. I made it because I remember, the last time and time before that, you standing there using a calc to figure out the amount of salt, pepper and sugger/syrup you guys needed for the bacon. You simply just enter the bacons weight in grams into the grey area and next to it the amount of salt, pepper and suggar/syrup (in gram based on your formula/percentage) will be displayed. Enjoy –

  4. What happened to the skin of the pigs? Here we give them a hot bath immediately after slaughter and all the hair comes off, and they're clean for processing. I can't help thinking of all that delicious crackling going to waste…

  5. Looks like a great, productive day on the homestead with your family. How's homeschooling going for Olivia? We are having a good year here so far with our three teen girls. Hope all is well. Blessings.

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