How Marijuana Works

This Happens In Your Body When You Start Using CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation & more

CBD Oil is the new popular natural remedy for various common illnesses. CBD or cannabidiol is one of 104 chemical compounds found in cannabis. Which can …

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  1. 👉 Scientific References
    [1] Can Relieve Pain:
    [2] Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety:
    [3] CBD anti-Inflammatory effects:
    [4] CBD as Potential anti cancer drug:
    [5] Anti-Obesity Effect:
    [6] Cardiovascular effect:
    [7] Potential Anti Cancer Effect:
    [8] Anti Acne Effect:
    👉 General Precautions:
    [1] People with major health conditions & on medications always consult your physician before starting any dietary supplement.
    [2] Pregnant females and lactating mothers are not suggested to take any dietary supplement without physicians consent. Always consult your doctor first.

  2. It's criminal that this plant based non-psychoactive medicine is denied to people who need it, I've personally talked to doctors who've agreed with how beneficial it is compared to what is manufactured by the big pharmaceutical companies but refuse to prescribe it even though it's now legal in the UK , there are strains of the canabis plant that now have minimal amounts of THC so perhaps anyone looking for a cheap supply should grow their own.

  3. You guys ought to show the process of how your extracting any compounds from the hemp before making these made up claims that your Coconut oil is doing anything beneficial !!! Prove it first because this is a scam to Pay an extraordinary price for Coconut oil alone !!! 🤔🤔🤔 Prove it / show everyone ! How do you extract these so called beneficial compounds while separating out the THC ??

  4. I swear by CBD OIL , done me the world of good. But you have to ve very careful out there with dodgy fake suppliers. If it's not dark near enough BLACK don't touch it, sugared water. 👺👹😔😢

  5. Free from ADHD and some more……diagnosen.
    Now Im Free

    Working in Forumteater and have a life again

  6. No Obscene Profit In a Cure _ Because Greed For Lack of a Better Term 'Is Good'_ sad !

  7. I've been a supporter of natural means of healing for that I've had a back injury recently I would appreciate it if they would quit doing stupid shit.

  8. Marijuana bill passed in 1937. Hemp bill passed in 2018.

    Actually the US Government has the patent on hemp, not the pharmaceutical companies yet.

  9. The reason hemp was made illegal by our crooked government in the 1930’s or 1940’s was to bennefit the rich and powerful people in our country, It was to protect their financial profit. The Hearst (newpaper In Us), DuPont who were afraid it would hurt their profit, and the US Secretary of the Treasury who own thousand of acreage of trees which he sold for the purpose of making paper.
    It was attached to the bill which make marijuana illegal. Congress always attaches thing to larger bills just to get them pass which does help anyone but the rich. Our government might not be communist but but it is definitely crooked. Lobbyists who pay off our congress should be made illegal not hemp. In the last few year a farmer bill was passed allowing farmer to grow hemp again. Most these farmers were growing tobacco for over 50 years which is very harmful to us. It is all about the greed.

  10. Ye …… and what it does to your wallet …….. vastly overpriced, a complete ripoff and sure it's a good product but the prices are just as bad as big pharma……..

  11. Pharmacist = legalized drug dealer
    Doctor = pimp to the pharmacist
    Pharmaceutical Companies = cook

    Billion dollar dope industry all based on patented plants that are free in nature. Biggest scam of our century.

  12. I have a great relationship with my doctor. He knows I take kratom to help with pain. He knows the government “fucked” over those living in chronic pain. Other homeopathic substances he said if they work, use it such as the flush of my sinuses to reduce or eliminate sinus infections. A good doctor such as mine will advise you to try other methods. Not all drs are against natural products. They know the dangers of long term use. Some drs do still care about you their patients.

  13. I think that it's a natural gift frim God all most that aiks the body. It's far better than any pharmaceutical that rips us off financially, and brings life altering side effects! I have chronic pain that I'm tired of. I'll be trying it..

  14. Shit dont work anyway…it just covers the pain just like the doctors medication….weed is the key and the answer….he is describing the effects of weed

  15. This is nice and all but if you are genetically predisposed to having schizophrenia you boost your chances to getting it massively and even more with THC there is medical study proof for this and I don't know why its not being told. My sons in the state hospital after using CBD and large amounts of THC for over a year as it brought out schizophrenia and they say he may have never developed it had he not used weed and CBD.. So use at your own risk!! Here is proof of what I'm talking about so no need to bash me on here I used to us CBD till what happened to my kid and what I found out.

  16. Look at the you tube videos by Dr. Sanjay Gupta about CBD oil if you are not sure about CBD oil.

  17. You not going to believe this. SC tried to pass a medical marijuana bill again this year. It passed in the House which Democrats have a majority but did not pass in the Senate which the Republicans have a majority. What surprised me the most is that numerous people from the police department gave lectures on why medical marijuana should not be legal!!
    Of course, the doctor said they did not want it because It is not FDA approved. What a joke.

  18. Doctor are paid off by pharmaceutical companies. They are paid to do studies on their patients using the new expensive (sometimes dangerous to your body) by the drugs companies. FDA is also paid off. Our congressmen are paid off hundred of thousand dollars by them,, They use this money to get re-elected over and over. I think Lawyers are probably in this group too.
    About 1/3 of a doctor salary comes from pharmaceutical company. My brother is in the medical field. These new expensive drugs are being push on us regardless of numerous side effects – some which are dangerous.

  19. Does anyone know if it's ok to smoke it with those vape things? Will it have same results or bad results for your body?

  20. I've been using it for about a week and a half first the gummies then the oil I haven't really noticed any difference but today I started getting a dull pain on my left side it started getting worse like an organ was swelled up I just took acetaminophen then kind of passed out from the pain I almost wanted to go to the er but it feels a little better but it still hurts I don't think it's a kidney stone but idk. I don't think the CBD had anything to do with this I'm still gonna take the second dose of the day.

  21. Don't do anything for my back pain… nothing… don't work for everyone

  22. In use this for anxiety helps me a lot has a peppermint taste to it aswell spray under the tongue helps me 👍🏻

  23. I have back issues. My back doc wouldn't give me shit for the pain, just 3 shots. I asked him about CBD oil. He said hmmm… I don't care. So I did. Sent me to physical therapy for 6 months. Had a horrendous flare up. He wouldn't give me shit for it because I use cbd oil. I'm not telling any more docs. I got a new doc that actually works with me. He gets I only need a few pain meds for these terrible flare ups. Yes I told him. But never again. I'm 60. I got high way back in the day. I use cbd flower and it helps the pain and I don't get high at all

  24. You are going to make me shed a few tears over this video. Thank you.

  25. Testimony: Our dog's seasonal allergies symptoms have been reduced by 80%, arthritis pain in my hands is gone.

  26. The best CBD oil for pain???? and how long you have to take it to see results .

  27. A friend of mine passed away from a CBD overdose. Ban this product now!

  28. Sold where I work. Some return cause " If it doesn't work in 10 minutes, I'm bringing it back!!" I tell them to go smoke a joint!!

  29. CBD oil has been a savior for our senior dog's arthritis. She's like a puppy again!

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