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These Cannabis Compounds Could PREVENT Infection?!

These Cannabis Compounds Could PREVENT Infection?! #lmc #cannabisindustry Join The High Design Team on Patreon Here: …

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  1. I heard about studies in Israel and Canada that suggested that THC and other cannabinoids blocked the virus from binding in the lungs. That was months ago.
    Most American doctors have no idea about the endocannabinoid systems in our bodies. But banning hemp meant that it isn't fed to animals anymore. Some people say that took cannabinoids from our diets that we need.

  2. I dont give a fuck about a trillion dollar industry, I care about people's good health and well being.
    Also the connection/relationship with God through cannabis is also important.
    Nothing else.

  3. I thought the FDA had restrictions on cannabis search because of the schedule marijuana is on DEA CSA list. We need to remove it from Scheduled 1 and move it at least to schedule 4 for the FDA to consider any kind of search on cannabis.

  4. Yup I seen that link too ….Hemp compound is what helps prevent covid19 infection is what I read. Lol they still won't realize the benefits here in Idaho even if it slaps them in the face…🤪🤦

  5. Wow very interesting 🤔 thanks for the news LMC
    I cought covid 19 when it first started it was very mild no taste no smell that was it !!!
    Well any way still got my 2 vaccine and the booster !
    ( I do smoke marijuana )

  6. Great information and I just so happen to have about a gallon of CBG sublingual, and I am going to start dosing as as my husband's today along with our cbd

  7. Much peace ✌🏾 as always brother – keep up the great work – I will be going live – on Tuesday and Thursday Australian time – would be so cool to have you come through to talk cannabis

  8. I believe it I live with my sister and she tested positive for Covid and I’ve tested negative every day since she’s been positive it’s been about a week and I smoke straight hemp for CBD! I thought all the test were wrong until I seen all the posts today

  9. I don’t know if you have ever hear of the hemp plastic company out of Colorado but before me and the Hemp Wizard starting do beard care products we tried to start a Hemp Plastic company basically wanting to make doob tubes and plastic jars out of biodegradable hemp plastic. Unfortunately we weren’t able at the time to bring it to market because we didn’t have the money and didn’t really know where to find it but you should contact them and maybe do a documentary about there company because that’s gonna be huge replacing petroleum based plastics with hemp plastic. At the moment it’s like twice as expensive but if we had the money to bring it to market I think it would of caught on eventually. Obviously companies don’t wanna pay double for packaging but we contacted a few companies green dragon from California specifically and they were def interested. It would be a good documentary.

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