The U.N. Goes Big on Cannabis Reform | Baltimore Pushes for Social Justice | MERRY JANE NEWS

MERRY JANE This week, a top committee of the United Nations World Health Organization has recommended that world leaders …

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  1. Sorry but Americans are under English Common Law so the UN laws do not apply to the US. Cannabis is a arabic word and illegal to use in English Common Law. Marijuana is pronounced in Spanish and also illegal to use in English Common Law. Hemp is english for the cannabis plant and is the only legal word to define the plant in English Common Law. So all Hemp laws are legal in English Common Law, but marijuana and cannabis laws are Nule and Void. So fuck the UN's illiteracy.

  2. FYI schedule 1 drugs are heroin, LSD, Oxycontin etc.. Schedule 4 is how they want to classify it.

  3. Baltimore is a waste of time and the UN is a sewer house.  There's more but you'll find it on your own.

  4. We need this in P.A i’ve been dreaming about this for years 🙌🏻❤️✌🏻✌🏻🤞🏻

  5. To that punk bitch that's talking shit about my black sisters .You need to take your dog face picture mother for a walk on that leash you own.and put it on her dirt ring neck.

  6. Real story bout Baltimore, your an idiot and don't know what the fuck your saying. I live here. Yeah they say that's what they're doing. Baltimore is a cesspool and should be burned to the ground. It's full of assholes who are useless and provide nothing to society. The only way to fix the joke that Baltimore is is to end it. Simple. Factual. Hate when idiots who don't live in a place act like they know what the fuck they talking about. Here's a fact: cops are the most poorly trained professionals in the world. They have the lowest average iq. They are dumb. Those are facts. Report that shit!

  7. what happeneds if weed is legalised and everyone starts using it and stops going to school or work

  8. I’m on your head snoop you know damn well this channel is becoming a radical left safe haven you’re wrong for that

  9. I’m on your head snoop you know damn well this channel is becoming a radical left safe haven you’re wrong for that

  10. Шоколадка что то говорит ничего себе

  11. They better use the story of that Charlotte web girl's story to sway the UN. Works every time

  12. Bout to finish watching the wire for the first time season 5 in b-more is still fucked up damn I use to work out there

  13. I thought it was designated Schedule Class 1 ???, did they change or reverse the ratings ? -1 was the worse or highest …

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