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The Texan Working Behind the Marijuana Curtain

It’s not Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, House Bill 1365, by Rep. Eddie Lucio III, D-Brownsville, would expand the state’s medical marijuana laws to cover an actual variety of …

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  1. Sorry tx you have to fire all these political pukes who are against the voters before this becomes legal. They need the money from incarcerations

  2. Unfortunately texas will be one of the last states to consider this option(medical cannabis with THC). Its the ppl who voted for this backwards hick.

  3. Even if they pass the bill that would expand upon the compassionate use program's eligibility list, the VA isn't going to be able to give us a prescription for medical marijuana. Prohibition has to end on a federal level before veterans can actually benefit from the stuff. Even then, they'll take their time doing studies on it before they dish it out. It's a shit show.

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