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The Reality of Legal Weed and Crime Increases

There has been a lot of news lately about increasing crime in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Crime is rising in some of these states, but …

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  1. But most of these crimes are probably smuggling weed over the border. Legalizing weed in 2 states but banning it everywhere else just creates an increase and dealers.

  2. The author of this video is a clear advocate for weed. After this crap was legalized in my state the crime rate jumped up.

  3. Californian here: anecdotally, "driving while high" and "driving while stoned" is a serious problem …I don't know about fatalities but I do know plenty of preventable, not-insignificant damage to cars, property, and people! Perhaps those who are having these accidents are crap at driving in the first place — but more likely that it makes them impared beyond what is safe

  4. Only effect I see if more empty fridges and yep cigs and alcohol are way more dangerous the weed

  5. Why is it alcohol legal? It's one of the most deadliest drugs in the country, causing tens of thousands of deaths even to INNOCENT PEOPLE! So why is it legal? Marijuana on the other hand SAVES lives! It could help me with my anxiety and depression but my stupid state doesn't allow it.

  6. It always bugs me how much law and order types fetishize the breathalyzer. There's no breathalyzer for legal opioids or insomnia or Benadryl, but if any of those people get pulled over after driving dangerously they can be given a sobriety test and handled accordingly. Insisting that THC needs technology and policing infrastructure above and beyond that without any empirical evidence is tantamount to saying that you just want to do more policing than you really need to do.

  7. The idea that marijuana has any effect on people's ability to safely drive is bigoted ignorant nonsense likely based off of the juvenile and yet seemingly universal fallacy of projecting alcohol's obvious well known affect on driving onto literally every other "drug" that you're ignorant of or has a scary sounding name

  8. i use it for 35 years daily, i am 52, healthier, and much yohnger looking than you, imp, moronised by acqdemia.

  9. come here moron, i will measure your moral filthiness levels, for they seem to be very high, almost lethal.

  10. I wish the media, and Aaron and HCT, would use the term "cannabis" when trying to have a serious discussion of the topic. Using "weed," "pot," "grass," etc. seems to reveal an inherent bias towards cannabis and cannabis users.

  11. Your eyes are suspiciously red, but because you taught me the difference between correlation and causation, I will withhold judgement.

  12. Hmm. Shouldn't there be some research about this from, oh I don't know, perhaps the Netherlands? They've had legal weed for a while now. As a close neighbor here in Germany, I don't recall hearing about any bad effects apart from an increase in drug-related tourism. I believe it's lead to an increase of people here not quite seeing the point in criminalization.

  13. Joe Rogan just had a guy that was arguing against cannabis as medicine, what's very interesting

  14. "anecdotes can make for compelling cases, but they don't necessarily lead to thoughtful outcomes."

    I love this quote.

  15. I love how the photo of The Green Doctors has a sign that says “NO PHOTOS” 😂

  16. I wish that you had stuck to using the scientific term, cannabis, rather than marijuana. Seeing as marijuana/marihuana was the word used by racist prohibitionists in the FBI to prey on xenophobic sentiment and get it banned in the first place.

  17. it's true about the pot and schizophrenia, you have to have symptoms of it to get it if you use pot, for me i had a chromosome with schizophrenia and i agitate it with excessive pot use stress and alcohol abuse, now i have mild to moderate schizophrenia

  18. Very good epsiode! It's rare to find sources of information that aren't too biased. Usually they are heavily pro or heavily anti-weed.

  19. I like your comtent but please just smoke a joint and chill out.

  20. I'm tired of being a criminal just cuz im In the "wrong" state and happen to like what a plant does to me. It also keeps many out of the work place through the drug free America act. Blatantly marginalizing anyone who chooses to use it for what? Why? At this point the reasons for stopping its spread ate just based on fear and not what rational people will do with it.

  21. It should decrease crime if anything. Mental health that is another matter. National IQ…..

  22. There's a cost-benefit analysis. Criminalizing weed has tremendous human and economic cost. There might be minor crimes that go up, like loitering, jaywalking, etc. And it might be confounded by increases in policing. However, I don't know of any studies that show legalization is associated with an increase in violent crimes.

  23. What crimes went up or down since legalization? Both sides can cherry-pick statistics to make their point. ¬_¬
    • Also, when trying to check crime stats in Canada since legalization, I get reports about Colorado. ¬_¬
    • Pro-pot people tout the benefits of cannabinoids to justify recreational use which is specious, especially smoking for any reason.

  24. I've favored legalization for many years, but the one thing bothering me lately is that increasing numbers of pediatricians seem to be claiming that chronic use by adolescents results in permanent cognitive deficit. I understand the research is still limited, but it's a frightening prospect.

  25. Talk about the the negative affect alcohol has. Alcohol is far worst than cannabis.

  26. I want to like the video but the Likes equal 420 and I feel it should stay that way lol

  27. Can you do a video on veganism please. I am hearing to many anecdotes and references to videos but I would like to see a breakdown of studies into it. Thanks

  28. You know what you can link to legalization? increased tax revenue and reduced cost for enforcement.

  29. Doctor there is something you need to get straight about cannabis . Its wasn't made illegal because it was causing problems for humanity . Quite the opposite . It was however, an issue for the alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco interests.
    There was also racist components to the proscription, and quite wealthy and connected ones at that .They lied to you all and destroyed countless lives in the process . Please do be a vocal proponent for studies of cannabis benefits for humans. It has saved my life and improved its quality dramatically, and I for one am grateful .

  30. I just love replacing the word pot with alchohol or tobacco every time in skeptical articles

  31. Obviously. If you redefine an action from being a crime to not being one, there will neccesarily be less crime, so long as said crime was possible.

  32. Great video. I really appreciate your rational evidence based approach instead of fluffing it up. I use cannabis for chronic pain (fibromyalgia) and it’s been really helping me tremendously. It’s the Wild West though…so much knowledge within the community is anecdote and there’s no hard data. There’s so many variables as well. It’s a really complicated and vast area of very useful medical knowledge that we haven’t remotely grasped yet. It’s very exciting!

  33. Can't OD. That's all that matters. You can literally drink yourself to death and die from nicotine poisoning. There's no reason it shouldn't be legal.

  34. If anything crime rates due to arrests for drug offenses for marijuana would virtually be nonexistent. Not to mention make state governments loads of money in taxes to pour into the community. This is coming from a non smoker too. I personally don’t care for it because of a really rare genetic condition I don’t metabolize it well. However I see how much it’s benefited people medically especially cancer patients and people with chronic pain.

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