Marijuana Health Benefits

The Institute of Medicine Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana

What did the 2017 National Academies of Sciences 468 page report conclude about cannabis? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter and get the …

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  1. It's sad how research Seems to always be worded in a way that promotes the agenda of those whom fund it…..I think all hard data should be owned by the public which are the true guinea pigs .

  2. I’ve been using marijuana for canker sores and it works really well, smoke dries it out, then actually kills the pain it doesn’t just numb it for a minute, then it starts going away with each day

  3. Not all cannabis is equal it’s the CBG and CBD that are good against glaucoma and most strains don’t contain much if these cannabinoids at all. Did this reaserch differentiate between the cannabinoid profiles of different strains?

  4. Fake studies only retards smoke cannabis for ‘’health reasons’’. If you are taking cannabis for health reasons you ingest it which last longer while having zero of the negative effects of smoking. On top of that cannabis research is still illegal in most places so if you are getting some sort of permit to do so it’s ‘likely’ by some scumbag in the government trying to downplay any beneficial benefits for his corporate masters.

    With all of that said cannabis is far, real far from a miracle cure as some like to pretend. Last most cannabis sold today is full of pesticides and even herbicides especially the trash sold at medical clubs and recreational dispensaries.(which is a huge fucking problem)

  5. Looks like smoking was the only method of administration in these studies. I decarb my ganja into cannabutter using coconut oil then pour it into bite size candy mould and store in refrig for easy use. I use it for pain management and as a sleep aid. I have found that the higher the turpenes the worse the dry mouth and dry eyes are and those are the side effects I really dislike. But the higher turpenes are what is suppose to deliver the beneficial cannabinoids. IKD I am still learning. Just happy it is legal in my state as I have had to deal with cancer for 8 years without it and now it is available to me.

  6. What about juice from low THC cannabis? Juice has no psychotropic effects and is rumored to have healing properties. Have any studies been done on this aspect of cannabis?

  7. Glorious Puns Sir lol and a great video. I like the weed and in my ten years of personal tests. i conclude it helps me anyway.

  8. His use of so many puns making light work out of such research topics says a lot about Dr. Greger's intelligence and smarts!

  9. I have panic disorder and use cannabis daily I also have had one psychotic break from a 3 day toxic psychosis caused by haldol, modafinil, cymbalta, and Phenobarbitol in a forced psychiatric stay…they misdiagnosed me and treated me for something I haven't had. I still use cannabis daily in a vaporizer at 370F. Up to 12 times a day and no recurrent psychosis. Even the toxic psychosis I did have taught me more in an hour than 10 years of psychotherapy. Also If you are interested look up Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing…

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