How Marijuana Works

The Inside Story of Cannabidiol – What are the Benefits of CBD?

What is CBD oil? What are the benefits of CBD? How does CBD work? This is The Inside Story of Cannabidiol about the benefits …

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  1. Thank you for such a comprehensive explanation of what CBD can do. I have started researching CBD for my chronic cough. My doctor has told me to 'learn to live with it' as investigation have not found anything! I have already had it for 20 years. My question is: has there been any specific research done regarding treating chronic cough with CBD. I think my condition may be due to Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy but when I mentioned this to a consultant he said there was no such thing other than some doctor trying to make a name for himself. LSN is treated by anti epileptic drugs or drugs for depression and CBD is the only 'herbal' treatment I can find that seems to be used for this purpose.
    I would appreciate any help you can give me.

  2. I have to wear a wig when I go to the bathroom, a big blonde girlie one ……… will cbd (cannabidiol– Hemp) help with this condition.

  3. he has a weird head on him …. anyways, good video bud , keep up the good work

  4. Parkinson Disease could be included among these neurosystem disorders ?

  5. Thanks the model is helpful. I have a few questions. In your mobile model, the stars are signaling molecules (neurotransmitters; hormones; cytokines). What is the physiological equivalent of the crossbars and string (the endocannabinoid system?). When the crossbar breaks, is that a disease and/or a fatal loss of function for those signaling molecules? Can the ECS repair this (cause a cell to create a gene that repairs the crossbars and string)? The model and the cascade of homeostasis seems to imply that the relationship between signaling molecules and the nexus of balance points is hierarchical with the higher bodies affected first? When CBD is ingested what determines which receptors in which systems and organs are keyed first?

  6. Too many fake CBD on the market right now since there are no regulations on it. So can someone tell me what is the best, most potent CBD on the market?

  7. Such a great explanation, I watched it a while back and always think of the mobile analogy when I think of the immune system now.

  8. cbd is fantastic,.. cures everything,.. I've quit all drugs and sugar, and CBD cures everything…. if you quit sugar it's like magic!!!!

  9. I’m taking it for the first time. I feel rather slow action function physically and slow thinking in my mind. ( not as sharp ) I feel my body doing great though and also feel like my body is detoxing. Is this common that my body get fantastic … and my mind , thinking bogged down get affected when first trying the product ? What happens to the mind after the body gets to the optimal state? What happens after 3 months?

  10. The Big Pharma and AMA don't want CBD, it would cut into their PROFITS scam. It's the American way.

  11. Amazing information, very enlightening. Thank you! 550 dislikes live in a non-legal state lol

  12. Thank you 🙏🏻 for this insightful message and explanation. Have just begun using CBD and am wanting to learn all l can. So very thoughtful 🙏🏻

  13. Thank you. I have developed Dupuyens Contracation in my left hand and both feet recently. Will CBD help ?

  14. The ad reminds me i was kinda a back to back smoker but i smoke the majiana i would smoke a cig every three hours i would smoke one

  15. Thank you for this wonderful presentation. We need more Doctors like you promoting the benefits of this plant to promote change … here in Europe people are still scared of taking this product. My daily challenge is just convincing people that this will not make them high and it will help them once they get it into their system. Thank you again. Clare Navas founder of TLE

  16. What's differece between type cbd oils dr gives out and ones on the market legally??

  17. Cbdmedrops Doty com has free shipping high quality and mg, low prices.

  18. I am making cream for pain. I have read that to not decarboxylate the cannabis. It is Harle tsu high in CBD. The CBDA is better for the cream because it is a topical. There is so little why does it matter?

  19. How great it is to listen to you, sir! Thank you for sharing this pure knowledge with us!

  20. I bought mine from C4 labs. I bought the 2000 mg Citrus I actually do feel better. I am SURE that it is NOT a " placebo "
    However, I have been doing some thinking,…. if CBD is such a powerful supplement, why dont CHRONIC-Marijuana Smokers have the most physically healthy bodies ???

  21. Can CBD help with diabetic patients type 2 control sugar level? Also to lose weight ? Need to so I can ride sleep apnea.

  22. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, not sure why but i suspect from taking premerin (complete hysterectomy). Do you think if I took CBD and took care myself in all areas it could help me not have to take it? Or that it just might help me?

  23. This is exactly why I always say — smoke that weed every day. 🤗🤗

  24. I wish that you could explain that to the Chief an council on my reserve they believe putting up despersery an make pot ok on the rez witch in turn it shown that nish have substantial amounts of evidence that the substance abuse is high per capita so I believe if we grew hemp for the cbd an building ability as a whole nation nish around Canada could be healers of the world because our government forgot about the natives on this issue like we were never hear lol so thank you my good sir for your caveman breakdown on the health benefits of cbd please keep this information going thank u

  25. what about mixing cbd with other drugs like clonazepam? I know its not good but.. can you explain more about it?

  26. Asher, very well done sir! And I took the quick tour of AMA Regenerative Medicine and you look to have a spectacular, science and medical based company providing true value and patient benefits. Congrats!

  27. Can CBD oil replace medications like thyroid, testosterone or antidepressants?

  28. Thank you for showing me "the artificial weights". The comparison of how pharmaceuticals work vs how CBD works is a great selling point for CBD. Thank you for breaking that down. You've got a new subscriber.

  29. Why do you think Big Pharma made Marijuana illegal in the first place?

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