How Marijuana Works

The Harms of Marijuana

Subscribe to Healthcare Triage! We’ve talked in the past about the positives of Marijuana use. What are the harms? From pregnancy …

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  1. It's a gate way drug. It is additive as hell. It stinks like shit. Crime rate is now higher in my sate after legalized.

  2. Until these pharmaceuticals like xanax and oxys are gone u have no fucking right to speak about weed. How much are they paying u

  3. Cannabis cures cancer and is definately not harmfull, bullshit video

  4. I'd take this video more seriously if he didn't over-stress his words like he's doing…

  5. Cannabis will not make you suicidal if anything it will stop someone who is on the edge. (Yes panic attacks can and will occur with some people, when this happens for you rookies drink some lemonade and take a nap it'll be over in a few hours, like a stomachache)

  6. What about the rumour that weed shrinks the mind ( grey matter ) but increases connectivity between the right and left hemispheres ? can you shed light on this and I've also watched that over a long time of chronic use there are some proteins act as ( floating memory ) which flow through neuron tunnels , the video showed that they gradually become smaller in size till, long term use lead to their fading, so we want a video on those things. and tbh I'm a regular smoker of bong and pot, I'm grateful it brings me peace and serenity a portal that changed my life and thinking to the better, the gateway to enlightenment if used right not abused or used recklessly

  7. I hate that even a video on the harms makes weed seem harmless. It’s not. I smoke myself but you just have to know the dangers and harms of it

  8. So you’re not gonna talk about the shit it does to your brain when you’re under 25

  9. I mean I smoke pot to treat my depression and anxiety, I'm a heavy user who used to have suicidal thoughts every single day, same with every night but since I've been smoking pot it's helped me in ways. I used to be 30 lb's underweight and now I weigh the amount i'm supposed to weigh. Pot also helps me sleep, helps with my arthritis and growing pains still to this day. Now it is not legal where I live and I hope sometime in the near future before I move I would hope it's legal here all around in the United States.

  10. I'm NOT referring to the Marijuana here. But, common sense tells you that SMOKE from any source is harmful to your lungs.

  11. The worst part about smoking pot is when you have to stop smoking for 4-6 months to pass a drug test!

  12. So guys, the main output from did researches is do not smoke pot! Use vape to inhale vaporized Cannabis👍

  13. I wish they would legalize it already so ppl can stop talking about it. 😒 it's just pot.

  14. Treat it just like alcohol. Legalize it for adults. Adults use it responsibly. Just like you wouldn’t drink everyday don’t smoke weed every day. If you can’t keep it as an occasional thing than quit all together.

  15. What is it with Americans and calling it "Pot" and "Marijuana" but the first one is the most ridiculous. Why do people in America say that lol

  16. This video is just him saying that cigarettes are bad for you and weed isn’t proved to do anything.

  17. Weed can cause derealization or increase visual snow or cause marijuana induced psychosis so please be carful cause on how potent stuff is today crazy compared 20 years ago

  18. legalize all drugs. thats what i think after 52 years of smoking cannabis.

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