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The Easiest Way To Grow Weed!!! (3-4-2019)

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  1. Your channel gotta be the most in formative one stop shop out there!!! man much love thank you I been goin thru these all day mad respect!!! 👊💪 👍💯 💯

  2. 25 dislikes love to smoke synthetics in their weed 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Growing weed is easy just kiss it… (keep it simple silly) thats the best advise besides yours buddy… im new at it still kinda but just dont over think things its a weed plant…

  4. Why always the awesome outfits btw? Just not to get ripped or regonized on street or cant you grow legaal?

  5. Lame ass sweater. Skating since '79… Jake Phelps was all about that shit…dead at a young age. Wages of sin & All his work soon dust. Thrasher was way radder before he took it over and started down that path. Jah made and grows those plants you work with…and the natural systems that support and continually sustain you, your plants & all life.A million master growers can't accomplish what Jah does everyday across our entire planet. You should be grateful….he blessed you with that medicine so when you got f'd up you'd have some relief and really see how much he loves you…blessed you so much to survive and to have a garden to work with him in, a sweet house etc.. You seem hella ungrateful for even those few major blessings of which I am sure there are more….but you think Satan gave that to you? Your a trip… Peace be with you man, I hope the best for you but can't back your promotions…Peace out.

  6. would love to have the weather to grow outdoors us Irish growmies don't have any other option but indoor

  7. This guy is the goat (3 year in) I wish I could smoke one with you boss you’ve taught me everything I think I know ….this is my first grow and you’ve made me a believer in myself that I could actually pull this off . I get lazy every now and then but you truly instill the passion in me to continue just wanted to say thank you much respect keep it coming and continue to shower us with these road maps

  8. But if you stuff your soil full of nutrients you can also overfeed them, right?

  9. Can I have 1 seed to to try it for the first time 🙇‍♂️

  10. dude devil, really you kno god made thos plantz right i used to love watchng you but now you juzt pose for satan, listen theres hope my friend and peace i say you cant sleep well anymore just say in your heart i dont want this evil, and turn to good hommie please your causeing so many to turn to evil and when everyone does the government going to move in and cage us all up you kno and take our plants, turn to jesus we all kno who he is. peace my boy

  11. think outdoor is more suited to your climate. what would you recommend for no till soil indoors?what exactly do you add?

  12. I grow inside I have no choice I am trying no till indoors now my plants are not as big but I harvest every 6 weeks

  13. Hello. I love the plants you grow. Amazing!! Which video has the ingredients that you use in your garden.

  14. Kaligrownbuds man I just wanted to take a second and tell you my experience and why I switched to no-till. My first year of growing indoors I started with chemicals and that’s because I started learning from YouTube and other indoor growers but actually Chemicals nutrients killed my first harvest, and like you said all these indoor growers use chem nuits …. so I switched to an organic soil and had much better results. Digging deeper into the organic gardening I learned no till. You’ve helped me a lot. I used the same mixture ratios but slightly smaller for indoor use. I am very excited to see the first harvest. I do have a question though. I wanted to know what I do to recycle the soil?

  15. Last season i had two bruce banner plants that got caterpillars and i used the bt monterey spray with success, any tips about how to prevent caterpillars organically.

  16. I never had any problems outdoor, been doing it for 3 years, but indoor was a different story, im nearly done with my first indoor grow and its been a bit of a fuckery. Biggest thing I've learnt is ph'ing the water, didn't have to worry about that outdoors. Got 4 fem easy sativas and 15 fem autos for outdoors this year, can't wait.

  17. Ur doing great man. I live in Oklahoma it’s legal to grow with License I’m in proses of getting mine I grew. Many years but iv been out of it for 10 plus years. I’m going to try learning indoor grow iv studded and I think I have a grasp I hope I do. But u r so write about out door grow u get the love back that u put in. I have grown many many many good years out door I prAy I can get indoor grow down. I have to go sell a few cows in the morning to finish getting my license but I’m so excited to do this legal. Thanks for ur updates man. Love from Oklahoma.

  18. I don’t understand how you’re not big yet… you’re on the path tho brutha keep working at it! You got a new sub 👍🏻

  19. Much respect from Texas!!! Keep up the great content bro!! Thank you for all the priceless knowledge!! 🙏🏽

  20. I have used blood meal 2 times and both times I have burned my plants, you have that experience or do you use something else for n. Thanks bro respect from Oregon

  21. 2 inches deep of decaying leaf matter per year will restore anything you can pull out of soil

  22. my first outdoor grow… years ago started in a cup, transplanted outside April 20. Gave it nothing but prayer. it survived some downpours… never watered it, never gave it any food… thing grew perfect big Christmas tree. how did the world ever survive without me?

  23. This is how I grow my garden as well.
    Great ground = Great harvest, no matter what you're growing.

  24. haha i know i said this already but This is totally like Canadian Cannabis Society's How to grow videos! 🙂

  25. Dude, I love your videos. Always watching man. Have not done outdoor yet. After your vids. Going outdoor this year. Doing my garden indoor for winter. Thanks for being awesome! And I wish you a safe, frosty, and kick ass season.

  26. What books or resources do you recommend for no till? I want to get as much information as possible and begin my studies, you inspire me thank you!!!

  27. No till has taken off! 🎸 Research has uncovered many incredible benefits! One I found absolutely amazing was that by leaving the previous root system – the new plant development will actually follow the old root systems path. Crazy!

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