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The Dr. Greenthumb Show Ep.84 | Crazy Psycho Realm Story In Russia, Is Halloween Cancelled + More

On this episode of The Dr. Greenthumb show we are joined by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts & discuss people who don’t know their limits, is Halloween cancelled …

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  1. Backwoods are amazing.
    Well obv not good for you but whatevs.
    Don't knock it if you haven' tried it.
    Honestly, it's for the folk that enjoy the tobacco mix part.
    With the right og and a nice backwood…lovely.

  2. How about a MUGGS does a Beatnuts album and PSYCHO/JUJU produce a Cypress album 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. You are just finding out about this. What if they been here for a long time? What if they just release this in the news but been knew about it? Or what if its not aliens but our very own creator or god. Perhaps many but thats the only possibility

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