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The Dark Side Of Britain: Spice | UNILAD Original Documentary

WARNING: Contains content some may find upsetting | Contains strong language.* SUBTITLES NOW AVAILABLE In the third documentary of UNILAD’s original …

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  1. From the comments you can always tell who is well read and who is spoon fed. 🤣🤣

  2. You'd feel better if you knew there was a world to be explored out there I don't judge people on there habits big respect to the ones who look after the spice addicts remember there's a big world out there go explore it ….

  3. You never no what someone is going through in life and what they have been through some people on the streets are the nicest people I have spoke to it could be any one even you think about it

  4. It's not spice, spice was a legal synthetic weed. It IS a synthetic plant smoke drug but spice is MORE expensive & out of circulation now. This is Mamba. Mamba is something else not sure what it is tbf but simular yet cheaper.

  5. I dont get it, im an addict and tried this once. You dont relax. It gives you a horrible panic attack, psycho active effects like I thought the walls were coming in on me, had auditory hallucinations. H and drink are awful problems to have but this looks horrible and also so confused how people get a buzz from this

  6. People saying it’s poverty’s fault and it’s not there fault there addicted guess what I think , there fucking dirty scruffy bastards and deserved to get there body burnt

  7. Middle class have a few bottles of wine of a night to destress from their hard lives …. think how you'd feel with an abusive childhood and extreme poverty behind you , now you're homeless so how would you 'unwind' ?

  8. This unfortunately has become the case for many Towns and City’s across the uk… it’s quickly becoming a bigger epidemic than heroin ever was.
    Sad to see so many wasted lives, young and old ending up like ‘living dead’. Yes they all play a responsible part in their own unmaking but you cant help but feel like society and the government have just turned a blind eye to the massive shitstorm that’s lingering over this country. Low wages, high prices, extortionate tax rates and a government run by snakes… unfortunately more and more people end up losing everything… family, friends, relationships, jobs, homes and eventually their dignity! Then all that’s left is homeless shelters or the streets… all of which is saturated in darkness, shame and drug use to escape the pain of reality.
    The system is set up for failure…. and once you stumble on the first hurdle, you get left behind!
    I hope everyone featured in this documentary find peace and love in their lives.
    We should all be grateful to have been given the chance to become the people we are, whether it be the area we were born, the opportunity surrounding us or the stable family’s we were born into.
    A lot of people will never know that luxury!

  9. I was offered Spice, I thought they was offering me it because I was Asian, I told them my wife has plenty, the look on the guy's face I will never forget 😆

  10. Who the cunt in the glasses 14:00 He said 1 gram can make 500 .5 gram bags?…. which u can buy for a couple of quid? This is the problem when it comes to fixing the problem. They put people in charge to fix the problem that r completely clueless.

  11. Can’t believe the lad who does spice, crack and gear has a Hugo boss hoodie at least he’s got some class left

  12. Its shocking britains citys and towns are cess pits for drug users and dealers i personally know someone who hung themselve on spice so there are some positives

  13. U cannot help these people They lie to themselves They use past traumas that everyone has as an excuse to use These people are scum and are pathetic No one can help them

  14. The war on drugs is a war on humanity plain and simple it’s criminal in and of itself, before this horrific war started people who done drugs got on with their lives without bothering anyone and just popping into the chemist to get what they wanted most of them held down jobs to pay for it. We need to turn the clock back 120 years to get rid of the gangs and stop this insanity..

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