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The Craft Grower/Indoor Grow Tips

THE CRAFT GROWER. Season Two. The more you know, the more you grow. The Medical Marijuana Growers Guide.

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  1. Great show , I was wondering if a plant (auto) seems ready for harvest , brown receded hairs with milky trichomes with even spred of amber and clear tris, but leaves still green with only slight yellow tips , should it be harvested

  2. You produce some of the most magnificent flowers ever. Grow on good sir!

  3. #353 thumbs up and holly cow man I got a lot of catching up to do I see

  4. Crop King Seeds have very instable and unreliable genetics, hope you get some good stock soon. Hit me up, I can send you some sexy clones sir. In Canada 🙂

  5. Love your vids. I’m new to yt. So very glad I found a decent grower

  6. just started a closet grow with 300w led light with 4 plants amnesia haze and easy bud auto, happy growing!

  7. My dad has liver/lung cancer. He made home cannabis suppositories and paste. He was doing this along with immunotherapy and b17. His cancer is much worse. He doesn't have much time. Now he's afraid of everything now. I'm trying to up his dose of cannabis as I make all his stuff and he's so afraid if being high 🙁

  8. Hope you had an amazing birthday, cannabis warrior. Lots of love and good vibes to you and your family, brudda ✌️

  9. Hi chef good stuff thanks for the info vids .want ask 2 ? 1 was wondering if any chance of me donating to get some were saying on one of your videos were you would like to start a seed bank ,so wondering if possible.2nd ? Is have a 4+4 grow room but having big time issue with humanity just 15%=20% only don't know if lights to high have 1000 wtts about 4 feet off plants have a little cool air coming in from garage and fan sucking out,what can I do besides getting a vaper humidifier put bucked of water and that don't work heat is at 80 or just below.thanks hope you have some advice.thanks keep on growing

  10. Chef I am an organic grower and was wanting some f is for outdoor growing e.g plant nutrients

  11. How do I subscribe I went to your website and it won't let me click on subscribe

  12. I want someone to buy me a hemp seed and send it to me via an international shipping company

  13. i think iam in the same predicament as you 'but they wont diagnose me'oh the pain in the head

  14. Chef, Wish you would put more videos up here Love Them !! Thanks Chef

  15. looking well Chef B. i think Winston adds a lot to your show as you interact well together.

  16. Live organics is truly the way i have been saying it for over ten years

  17. I look forward to your videos every week, keep em coming chef, your doing great bro 👍

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