The BENEFITS of CBD Oil For Anxiety! | 6 Months On CBD! Side Effects?

I’ve been using CBD for 6 months now for my anxiety (and ADHD). I’ve used it for headaches, pains, anxiety attacks, etc and I hope this video can help whoever …

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  1. There are so many other things that CBD is used for such as depression, bone health, seizures, glaucoma and much more! Also, you can’t overdose on it… you could drink a whole bottle of it and it would not hurt you, yet you can overdose on Tylenol and most other over the counter/prescription drugs… isn’t that insane?!

  2. Did i miss it but where can i order this online..im on xanax and want to get off of it…anxiety is realy bad , feeling faintness everyday all day…doctors dont know what to tell me after running all kinds of test and cant find an answer…im not sure this will help me but why not try and see..so ya sorry back to my question where can i order the product

  3. I just happened upon this video and thought i would watch because i am curious if it might benefit me….THEN I Saw that they are sponsoring your video……your “testimonial” would have meant a little more if you were not being paid to use it

  4. Hi Annie lol my nickname is Annie also! But just quick question. I have ADD not ADHD but anyway…. I’m considering getting back on medication for it but I never realized CBD May help…. do you think it would be effective. Should I give it a go? I hate taking non natural stuff

  5. I realized that anxiety is a very common syndrome in the USA, but not that much in European and African countries… Strange…

  6. Has anyone tried antidepressants? and CBD? if so what worked better for you? I do know this might be a personal question I just wanted to know!

  7. I still don't understand the mg difference? I was looking at some that were only 100mg and you're using a 1500?? So I'm confused at the difference, how many benefits you could really get from 100mg then….anyone can explain it?

  8. Tried a dozen or more CBD products with no luck, no real effect, over the course of about a year. I’ve had debilitating anxiety for years and was really hoping it would be something that would help. After almost giving up on it, I went to a hemp trade show and learned that CBD without at least some thc, is mostly ineffective. Started using full spectrum capsules from evolution extracts and my anxiety is at the best place it has been since before it got bad. Some days I have no anxiety now

  9. I DO feel some psychoactive effects from my CBD? Definitely not the high/stoned feeling you get from THC, but I feel A LOT like I've taken a mild benzodiazapine. Maybe like 5mg diazepam or 10mg librium.
    It doesn't tell you the THC content but THC is illegal in my country so I'd assume it contains 0.

  10. CBd solves it like a band aid. But, the underlying anxiety is still there. You have to treat the anxiety. Putting a band aid on it, turns into a “dependency”, not in a addictive way but more like you can’t cope with life without it.

  11. What about the self body endocannabinoid production? i mean if you take cbd and stop do you produce less endocannabinoid? do you produce more? do it balance your own production?

  12. Question: if I have 125MG will it work the same? Also do you only take it when you feel anxious or can I be preventative with it? Lastly, how often do you think I’d have to use it if I’m constantly in a sort of anxious state?

  13. Nice video about mike and angie, I think you steered off topic when you talked about CBD though.

  14. I've been using CBD oil now for a few days (like soul but a different brand) but I haven't been putting it under my tongue as I just end up wanting to spit it out (gag) lol, it wasn't the hemp I think it's just trying to take any oil on its own I'm goanna want to spit it out, plus I would get really thirsty doing this( again I think any oil will do that). Instead I mix the drops with milk, so much better and works perfectly for me 🙂

    Overall its a fantastic product and it REALLY helps me with my body, anxiety problems and overall mood and I highly recommend CBD oil to ANYONE, I just don't personally like how they recommend taking the drops (under the tongue for a minute then swallowing), but hey that might just be me 🙂

  15. Ive been getting better results putting the oil into gel caps than using under the tongue, and im finding i dont need as much.

  16. Hey, I was wondering if it could help with Ulcerative Colitis cause I suffer with this but now under control I’m on 2-3 different tablets and I have to take them for the rest of my life which I’m not too happy about doing. Something like this would be so much easier

  17. 1500 mgs for 150 bucks! Jesus what a rip off, I can get 3000 mgs at Lazarus for 110 bucks and I know for a fact it's good stuff.

  18. Cbd oil rocks! If your a cannabis smoker and it gives you anxiety or side effects, cbd oil will take away all of that. The cbd compliments the thc and give you that nice balanced feeling. Shop at Lazarus naturals for cbd, otherwise your probably going to get ripped off bad.

  19. It’s crazy that mushrooms are outlawed too. It’s just a plant. There are parts of that plant that can do so much good for people having extreme mental conditions, like PTSD for example.

  20. It's refreshing to see the difference in my moods since I started taking it last week. I have bad obsessive compulsive disorder with anxiety earmarked to it. I take 25mg before going to work and 50mg before bed. It takes away the edge and I'm quite calm and relaxed without being all beavis and butthead. Big pharma must hate it and I love it!

  21. How long did it take until you experienced benefits? Using it for anxiety and depression didn’t work for me :/ I only used it for about a week because that’s all that came in the bottle I got and I didn’t notice a difference. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for enough for a month. I had a 15ml bottle and was taking 2ml a day. Dose was 750mg per bottle.

  22. @OhhMyAnnie Might be a stupid question, but do you swallow it after the 30-60 s, or you spit it out?

  23. Anxiety has ruined my life for the past 15+ years. It’s been difficult for me to drive recently. I have bulging discs in my upper neck that I’m going to be having surgery on soon, hopefully that’s the problem. But, I’m considering this for now. Has anyone tried the oil from the tobacco shops? It should be all the same, right?

  24. Does it make
    You feel heavy when u go to sleep? I took magnesium and felt so heavy lol

  25. Not sure if you mentioned this in the video but I’m wondering if you know whether or not this company ships to Canada?

  26. just wondering does it make u sleepy? I have severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and I need to take it for my pain and anxiety but I'm worried it will make my fatigue worse. just wondering if it causes u to feel more tired?

  27. I really wanna try this, I have real bad anxiety over my asthma and I tend to overthink and get paranoid that everything will give me an asthma attack. I purchased a pack of cbd gummies and they’re sitting in my desk cause I won’t dare try them. I’m scared they’ll give me a weird feeling in my throat or something that’ll give me asthma. Yay anxiety

  28. Well I guess everyone else getting benefit from it but me. Don't know how many paid actors they get to say how good it is. But I have got nothing from it. Maybe I'm the only one.

  29. CBD oil is cool for most ailments. Do your research first and perhaps join forums on the matter. But I have found it works well when compared to other potions the doctors like to recommend. I use cbglobal.co.uk an they have a great reange and a uality product. Of course you will have your own preference, but I would advise to research the quality of the product before purchasing.

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