The Benefits of CBD… Knowledge is POWER

Here at #HealXNutrition we stand apart from the rest…here’s why: • Pharmaceutical Grade • 100% Organic Hemp Oil • Highest Bioavailability on the market …

CBD Essence
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  1. I've tried other CBD brands and nothing compares ti the HealX brand. One difference is the Ethanol extraction method.

    EtOH (Ethanol) gives us the best Full Spectrum extract that retains the terpenes and Cannabinoids in the Oil. When we do the CO2 extraction we lose a fair bit of the terpenes, so this extraction technology is more focused on the Cannabinoid content VS. the terpenes.

    Since the Full Spectrum is sought after for the Terpenes, ethanol is the best.
    CO2 extraction would be good for the Isolate but not as good for full spectrum products.

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