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The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – How I Water My Outdoor Cannabis Plants

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  1. What type of pump are you using to pump out the water? Am planning the same kind of setup and am looking for the pump. Thanks!

  2. Hey Neighbor your Tattoos give your identity away , your mask does absolutely nothing! Stem rot not going to matter my Neighbor ! See ya mid to late October sometime during a 24 hour span of a day …. Watch for the Drones , there quiet so you won’t hear them buzzing your crop …!!! By Neighbor…!

  3. Those airplanes flying over would drive me crazy. I don’t see how you stand it

  4. I don't think I've ever seen your sump pump and that's what you have down in the bottom of that Barrel I thought you might have had a spicket and just gravity-fed but after watching another gromie I saw he was using a sump pump so now I acquired a sump pump and just fed the ladies yesterday just count 25 to 30 seconds for each plant and I gave them 2 gallons each no more going back and forth with a 5 gallon bucket what a time-saver for a disabled guy that uses a cane to get around

  5. Love your setup bro. U inspired me to grow n now I am. Would love to link up bro. I live in Hesperia

  6. Dude what's all the shit growing around the ladies. An do you really think they need five gallons each its all just draining out the bottom

  7. You may have covered this already but what kind of pump and sprayer do you use for watering?

  8. Get some moutain organics botanical tinctures for foliar sprays and soil drenches, your plants will love it. Get some bokashi also, it will make a nice mycelium web rich in microbes and will help your plants fight off disease and molds.

  9. Bro you are so organized my back yard looked like a corn field moved on to indoor

  10. What the hell with your left leg man…that from the accident….Looks like a fucked up knee man.

  11. Nice as usual My Friend. Keep up the excellent work cheers and Growers love💦😊👍🌳

  12. Hey kali, I was wondering what your watering setup is. Just a submersible pump, a garden hose and a wand. The more I read about it the more opposing opinions on what works best I get. Also my girls are absolutely rocking up here in Sonoma county using a hybrid of your advice and buildasoil. Amazing results so far

  13. Looking good thanks for tips. It is a Beutiful day to be alive brother.

  14. you should do more videos on frequent growing problems, and what to do to avoid them or cure them.

  15. what are your companion plants ? …. are they a type of bean/ legume ? I know clover can be used.

  16. Why do you bother covering your face when you're covered head to toe in tattoos?

  17. Hey KALIGROWNBUD what happened to your knee? Hope you ok man.. prayers for u bro.. can we get a video about it? Just a question

  18. Glad you dont push shit smothered coffee anymore. Your Garden is looking Great so far!!!

  19. Thanks Kali for demonstrating your watering teas and foliar spraying techniques . Those are things I hope to incorporate into my home grow . You're gonna be forest 🌲before long .

  20. I found that using his awesome tea recipe works really well. After 2 months I've found you can double it and they really bang!! Just letting the brownies know!

  21. What's up with all that grass though? Isn't the roots of the grass interfering with the roots of the plant ?

  22. Do you give them all the same amount no matter how big the plant is

  23. Kaligrown, you water one day and feed one day? What’s your watering schedule? Do you water everyday?

  24. Growmies check out the link to my channel 65s giting big and Kali ur girls looking sexy bro and very beautiful

  25. I like your style out there in them flip flops I roll the same sometimes in boxers too😳Ik right tmi 😂

  26. I was actually singing your opening tune in the shower this morning. I couldn't place where I heard it until I clicked this.😎

    Another great video. Thanks, brother.

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