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THC induced hyperemesis syndrome

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  1. Russ Hudson, a Barcelona, Spain-based cannabis consultant who has been working in the space for 27 years agrees. “I would posit that most veterans in the cannabis industry—people with 20-plus years of experience—think that cannabis hyperemesis is a made-up or severely ‘misunderstood’ (read; misdiagnosed) condition,” he shares. Hudson says that he’s never met anyone with this condition in his entire time working in the space, and isn’t sure it’s real.

  2. I still smoke, once in awhile! I got this many, many, times! Hot showers for days people, for days. In and out till the water was cold….back in as soon as it was just able to give me some relief 😌. This can all be avoided it you take a break from the concentration of THC. GREAT drug just respect 🙌 the erb fellas.. its a real condition and you will be in a world of pain and discomfort.

  3. I have two of the three but not vomiting, I have horrible diahreah and neck/back pain instead. Is it valid? Seems to be caused from vaping, sent me to the hospital many times they don’t know what’s wrong (shortness of breath now)

  4. I really thought, at least for a few seconds, that you had slapped a GoPro to a CHS patient and started talking to us explaining what he's going through while we watch you through his/her POV.

    I was ready for a wild, and terribly unethical, journey.

  5. I have had this for 6 years and it has been hell on earth. This worse part is the constant diagnoses. I have been to the ER like 10 times and no diagnosis. I have been smoking every day for like 10 years and was camping and boom the world began spinning violently. I almost shot myself! I was on vacation and limped to a friends house and didn’t get out of bed for 2 months! Couldn’t eat but never vomited but had severe GeRD and cramping. Every time I would eat I would trip out like I dropped acid and when I closed my eyes it would still spin violently. The doctors thought I had BPPV but negative tests. Saw an ENT doctor said I was fine. Have perfect blood pressure and cat scans and MRIs always negative. I stopped smoking abviously after the first spell for 6 months but recovered and started again. The only relief I ever found was a hot bath! Now I’m back to square one and resolved to stop smoking for good. I loved smoking weed as much as I do living but now I have to just find a way around it. It’s real and the worst thing you could experience. Hope this helps those out there wondering what is going on. Wish me luck!

  6. I swear I had an anaphylactic reaction to pot and my heart stopped. I’m pretty sure i almost died. I would love it if you can message me because no one else seems to understand what happened I was by myself and literally called 911 they wrote it off as a panic attack

  7. Question: what about cannabis thats high in CBD and very low THC (like
    3% or less) can a person get CHS from smoking CBD a lot or is this only
    from THC?

  8. I tried an edible for the first time in May (sativa/indica) and I had severe panic attacks and vomiting, headaches and it took weeks for the vomiting to stop. I now have clinical depression 4 months later. I am so happy that there are people who have experienced this. God bless you all, feel free to comment.

  9. some late info. thc is NOT the problem. CHLORINE is.
    when ready-to-use/process cannabis 'stinks', it is TOXIC; to HUMANS.
    products derived from STINKY cannabis ARE TOXIC, to the HUMANS who use them.
    this INCLUDES medical products and CONCENTRATES. why is this true.
    by current standards, STINKY cannabis is the norm.
    the foul odor emanating from ready-to-use or process cannabis INDICATES the presence of water,
    and TOXIC amounts of hydrated VOCs. SEE CHLOROPHYLL and CHLORIN.
    the following question SHOULD BE ANSWERED. googletranslate
    what are the symptoms, in a HUMAN, of repeated pulmonary Exposure to CHLORINE.

  10. … anyway … you could have emptied that full laundry bag before filming, Doctor … or have one of your underlings do it for you … c.

  11. After every time I smoke out of my bong I throw up right away and tend to not eat after I smoked. But I only once had uncontrollable vomiting where couldn’t stop for like 3m. And never had a moment where i needed to take a hot shower or had abdominal pain. I’ve been smoking for about a year now and just wanted to know if I don’t have it as bad or is it going to get worse overtime?

  12. Ive had dissociative, panic attacks and clinical depression after smoking legal store bought weed. 1 year of this dream like state even after being sober for that whole year. Some get this most don't. I was one of the unlucky ones. However I accept these constant waves of panic attacks now they never go away and the depression is gone with my own therapy of meditation and excercise and my new beautiful girlfriend. Be careful if you are prone to anxiety before smoking. I was lost for a long time. Wishing I would fall asleep and never wake up. I felt exteme fear and the panic attacks which would come almost every 2 min and constantly feeling worried extremely fearful worry for no reason and sadness. I dont wish how I felt on anyone. The good news is if you can ride it out like me and think one day it will get better then you'll make it through depression and that dissociative feeling. Much love stay safe m

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