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THC Diamonds – Cannabis Extraction Perfection – make the best cannabis diamonds at home!

Cannabis Extraction – THC Diamonds Terps Sauce – the future of dabbing Open Discussion and demonstrations Tonight we will update on breaking legal new …

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  1. Don't have stoners do the audio. I think the point is to have people watch, listen, and learn.

  2. screw your clickbait title man. oyu know damn well ppl came here to learn to make diamonds and sauce at home. not to mention the shitty ass production value, crap audio, and wtf is up with your meta tag filled description?
    well deserved dislike ratio here genius

  3. Anything I can do to help volunteer for fundraising, I'm down Jason! 👊🏼💯

    So sad that TCC closed down. Glad, we have ICC now! I think Imma switch to Beard Bros. for a bit though. This video sold me! 💪🏻

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