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Texas Medical Marijuana Subcommittee Hearing HB 1365 – Doctor Panel

The Texas House Medical Marijuana Subcommittee hearing for HB 1365 hears testimony from its expert doctors panel on Thursday, April 11, 2019. Testimony …

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  1. The FACT is that at any time Uncle Sam(antha) decides to, He can order Troops wearing Blue Helmets to INVADE EVERY MARIJUANA DISPENSARY IN THIS COUNTRY, shut them down and arrest all involved.. Do you think I's Lying..? Marijuana is a "Controlled Substance" UNDER FEDERAL LAW, and it matters not what the Slaves want, need or vote for, in any State.. How ya like them apples..?

  2. John Delaneys testimony was very good also. His testimony was around the 4 hour point that evening. Glad he was asked to keep sharing after other panelists in his group finished.

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