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Texas Legislative Update for Hemp & Medical Cannabis – May 20, 2019

Texas NORML Executive Director Jax Finkel gives an update on HB 1325 which legalizes the growing of hemp in Texas, and HB 3703, which expands the …

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  1. lol in the mean time,., Ill go find someone I dont know to see if they can sell me sack of weed – ….thanks

  2. What about cbd weed that has 0 thc is that legal or illegal to smoke it in Texas ?

  3. So what happened with the decriminalization of marijuana? Did it drop to a class c misdemeanor?

  4. Didn't know txnorml had a YouTube. It is not even on the website. Hope they fix it.

  5. So sad TX could not pass real medical marijuana legislation once again. I have no faith they will implement a decent MMJ law for many years. It will probably be a decade before they get to where CO was almost 20 years ago.
    I was born in TX but moved to CO in Jan 2001 to participate in the newly passed MMJ program. I came back to TX in mid 2015 to help take care of my ailing father. He passed earlier this year and I was waiting on this legislative session to see if I would stay here a bit longer as I still have elderly family members who benefit from my help. Unfortunately for them I will now be moving back to CO seeing as TX could not get its act together and pass a decent MMJ law.
    CO is a beautiful state and i'm very excited to get back there. I have no plans of ever living in TX again, good luck.

  6. pssstttt, it matters not what any State/Plantation passes for Laws concerning marijuana because the Government CAN COME TO YOUR Plantation and ARREST ALL INVOLVED, including the LAW MAKERS, tomorrow, if they so choose.. Every State/Plantation that has marijuana legalized IS BREAKING FEDERAL LAW!!!! The aforementioned is an example of something broken, give it a name.. If the intentional infliction of pain, to obtain a desired result is considered torture, then there are Disabled Veterans today being tortured by their government, and one of them just typed this comment.. Thank You..

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