The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement on the legality of CBD oil in Texas Tuesday following a series of reports last week by NBC 5 …

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  1. That is ridiculous. It does not even get anyone high. The benefits are tremendous. I cannot see how this is a schedule 1.

  2. Preach Brother 🙌!!!!!!!!
    I agree with you, 💯!!!!!
    Jim, start a Govt.org petition & network it through not only your people, but through a vast network of "Truther's" here on YouTube. There ar SO MANY people combined, with all the Truther's out there! This CAN HAPPEN! but there NEEDS to be a United front!!!!

  3. Texans are illiterate. House Bill 1365 says you can vape, but not smoke marijuana.

  4. Marijuana is hemp. Hemp is english for thw cannabis plant. Marijuana is not english. So all marijuana laws are void in English Common Law for not being english.

  5. I'm a medical marijuana patient from Colorado, and I was born in Texas. But I think all TX vape shop owners need to go to prison for life. I mean If I can not possess my marijuana from Colorado in Texas then they should not be able to possess CBD oil. Why bust people driving and not stores selling? Hypocricy.

  6. I agree with you. I thought I read the farm bill passed, and it was okay for farmers to grow it very soon. Hemp also is supposed to clean toxins in your soil. This does sound like they would rather you get hooked on pain killers, which ruins lives and destroys families. Hemp is used in all kinds of products, and would be a great crop for farmers. I hear good reports online about the benefit of CBD oil. Texas needs to clear this confusion over the law, and fix it to the benefit of their citizens.

  7. Just as bad in AL. Notice people who have cancer AREN'T allowed to use cdb… BIG PHARMA has been intentionally hurting us for years. They want everyone taking a bunch of pills. It's ALL about the money.

  8. Well said victorus liberty may god bless you and give you strength to keep up the fight

  9. They complain about the opioid epidemic but give people a hard time trying to lessen their pain in a safer manor I'm glad I live in oregon where it is legal by the state.

  10. Im in TX. Im using cbd oil to treat a nasal polyp in my cat. I've only been using it for a few days and there is a marked improvement in her breathing (the polyp is too close to her brain and the vet said she would not recommend surgery). I am really hoping the cbd will reduce the swelling and improve her prognosis. I cant believe the confusion surrounding this substance! Tx needs to get this right and legalize this immediately!

  11. Business folks are opening non thc CBD oil shops all over my town in Tucson. No problemo.

  12. The same crap happened in Indiana, and they raided and confiscated then destroyed all CBD oil at health stores and Earth Fair. After a year of the Public being pissed off and protesting, they took away the bill. Their original bill made all CBD oil illegal regardless of thc levels being nonexistent, or the fact the feds didn’t care one way or another, The original writing of the law only legalized it if it was prescribed for a small handful of health issues, and not one doctor could because no pharmacy carried what was an equivalent of off the shelf Tylenol

  13. CBD is essential for the human body to maintain HOMEOSTASIS…

    The Encyclopedia Britannica definition of homeostasis is, “any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. If homeostasis is successful, life continues; if unsuccessful, disaster or death ensues.” http://victuruslibertas.com/2019/02/is-tarrant-county-da-sharen-wilson-in-support-of-big-pharma-over-federally-legal-natural-cbd-oil/

  14. So I assuming we gonna get this illegally like before, and who ever making it have to do that also illegally and that's the end of it.IT IS NOT A LEGALIZATION, IT IS A MONOPOLIZATION.

  15. I remember when a marijuana seed got you at least 5 years in a Texas prison in the 60, 70, 80's.

  16. It's the Good Old Boy trying trying to keep BIG FARMA in business!!!! Well I think they will loose, it's their last ditch effort!!

  17. Man im starting to wonder about Texas. It seems to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. How can a state participate in such malevolent practices towards its constituents. Yet texas promotes a propagandic view of itself as a republican, gun rights, individual liberty loving, constitution following patriot state. Buuuuut they make you take an oath to israel for hurricane relief, and teachers in the state must sign an oath to israel or be punished and have your life ruined. This is just another FU to us goyim as we all know the benefits of cbd. The anti bds bill has passed senate and will make it a crime to criticize israel or even showing empathy to the Palestinians. Seems trumps getting his job done very well for his masters, as nobody suspects a thing about his true allegiance. America first huh lol yeah right, his whole office term has been an israel first policy. Anyways, thanks for the video guys, great work as usual.

  18. This is absurd. Come on Texas get in the 21st century (and I live in Texas) it is a ridiculous law.

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