Sydney Trains Vlog 1539: Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail – Tram Testing

Vlog 1539 Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail Citadis X05 Tram Testing. Units: 003 & 004 Filmed on: The night of 26/2/2019 & the early hours of 27/2/2019.

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  1. Is it illegal for police to flash the siren just to take a U turn on city road usyd and then turn it off?? I thought it was a bit funny and reminded me of the "flash siren to get dinner" joke hahaha

  2. Will they be running regularly as two-unit sets when the line opens, or will coupled units only be used at certain times?

  3. Hi Phil, well done reaching 11k subscribers. It is great seeing trams running in Randwick once again. Is the Randwick depot a new location of is it a former bus/tram depot. It will certainly improve the situation on race days there with the light rail running. Looking forward to when the line officially opens. All the best. Robert.

  4. Dayum the tram is long probably the longest in aus when it opens plz do a video on it it is really interesting

  5. Whoa they look gooood, much better than those on Ottawa's O-Train Ligne de la Confédération – and they are just as new.

  6. Light rail is way behind schedule and HUGELY over budget! The carriages are too small and will be at capacity within weeks of going into service! Another monumental screw-up by the utterly incompetent NSW government!

  7. Thanks for the video Phil. How far up the line are they currently testing? Have they made it to central yet?

  8. It's a hell of a lot more noisier than say an electric bus. I'd hate to live near that. Does the Sydney trams use a similar charging system to the Newcastle trams?

  9. Well done Phil on 11000 , can you tell me why they are running 2 separate 5 module sets together , rather than purchasing 7 module units like the Gold Coast or even 9 module units like a number of European cities have

  10. I think it is an overpriced tourist attraction/theme park ride but we will see how it pans out.

  11. Great video! Can't wait for the new trams to be in service 🙂

  12. 1) Good work for the 11 thousand subs, 2) A huge stuff you to those people who dislike your videos and 3) Along with the following 2 things:
    1) Can I be able to request Kempsey Station only if you haven't done it yet?
    2) I've put a video up the other day up at Hawkesbury River Station if you want to check it out the video runs for 1 minute and 14 seconds.

  13. When the New Intercity Fleet starts to arrive in Australia, can you please do a vlog on it when you get the chance? Thank you Phil.

  14. Nice looking trams. They sound slightly similar like the Sydney Metro and Queensland Rails NGR.

  15. Will they be running in 2 unit formation as shown in this video or will it still be down to just the one?

  16. I really want a cab ride or cab tour in the New Waratah B sets or New Intercity Fleets..

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