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SweetTooth & Gelato Autoflower Cannabis Indoor Grow Guide in Recycled Soil wk/5

Autoflowers cannabis seed to harvest grow guide of seeds we found while smoking our previous grows of SweetTooth autoflower & Gelato autoflower in …

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  1. I had Autoflower beans sent to Australia and they all got crushed, I had a grapefruit survive so that's cracked and being planted tomorrow, it's going to be an outdoor auto, I'm only growing auto's to keep them hidden, we aren't legal just yet! Good to know you btw! Great looking setup tooπŸ‘Œ

  2. Will there be enough soil to both Yerba plants ? Will they grow big enough? I’m sure you’ve already done it. I just thought about it. No disrespect. Just curious what your plant sizes look like and your yields. God Bless.

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