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Surprising truths about legalizing cannabis | Ben Cort | TEDxMileHigh

In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis and kickstarted a multibillion dollar industry with every product imaginable — brownies, gummy bears, granola bars, even …

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  1. Plus when you say they are getting spayed down by “chemicals” so do all the crops you eat dumbasses. You can flush the plants to get rid of all that.

  2. Come on any plant can be genetically modified for good or bad reasons just like tomatoes get chemicals in them to last longer on the shelf? When you can control an environment of a plant the humidity, ect.

  3. Man has been
    hybriding all plants since we learned how use NATURAL selection.Most every plant we eat and house plants and flowers are nothing like they first looked or tasted in the past.

  4. My husband was in the Army and he knew a guy that grew a marijuana plant inside his trailer and one year he decorated it with light for Christmas and used it for a Christmas tree I thought I was going to die laughing When he told me that…… 😂

  5. Bless you for bringing this to light. Now we pray something gets done. Thank you be blessed

  6. Concentrates are not a new thing to the cannabis industry speaking legally and illegally. Hash was made in the 70's which is a concentrated form of cannabis. Same with edibles. These concepts are not new, so I'm very confused as to why the suggestion is being made that cannabis is now becoming a THC driven product. It always has been.

    Side note: Please stop trying to be a stand up comedian.

  7. The people wanted higher thc weed for me it was i just needed less weed to get to desired place. Its no damn conspiracy potency was getting stronger from smaller growers because that is what the people wanted. I have to question how much weed this gentleman has smoked and for how long. Everyone clapping because he has been sober since 96 well good for you i bet it comes up a lot in your conversations. Myself i don t mind being around stoned people usually a good time but people drinking not my thing usually but the worst is that person that has quit everything and just can t let it go so they got to constantly talk about there sobriety like i imagine this gentleman does.

  8. Spraying hazmat? Monsanto/Bayer, Round up? Is in just about everything.

  9. access to nature back please. i don't want to have to buy a product.
    not interested in isolating a chemical.
    don't want anything from you, you can keep being you.
    just give me my god damn access to a plant that grows in nature back, please.

  10. what the government doesnt want you to know: thc is the most amazing molecule on this planet.
    you hear all this talk about cbd, but what is it really? do you know? how do you know?
    I'll tell you what I do know. the cannabis plant in it's whole form is one of the most amazing things we humans could ever have asked for.
    the response of some plants is to protect itself from predators with poisons and repellants. but this plant chose us to be it's protector in nature.
    in response to us growing it for hundreds of thousands of years, it always produced enjoyable effects, pleasant aromas for us who keep it to smell.
    just like flowers attract bee's with their scent. just like how those bee's make honey with those flowers. we are making our honey with this molecule.
    we deserve and have every right to this plant, in it's entirety. if the government legalizes cbd and not thc, then we are still living in prohabition. no, worse, we're living under a tyranny.

  11. Well first of all he calls it weed so I don't like him as of the first sentence. Obviously he is just more propaganda. Most of the medicinal purpose or value is not only in CBD but THC as well as THC is the primary ingredient which fights cancer. This guy is a joke and I don't have to hear the whole video to know it's more of the same he sounds really cool and talks like he knows what he's talking about but if you actually know about cannabis and you know he doesn't really know what he's talking about he's just spitting out the same Lies We Have Been Told since they decided to make it illegal. This guy needs to go back and actually do some learning rather than just spitting it out. I have had enough of being lied to. This has nothing to do with religion other than the fact that God is the one who makes cannabis and unlike he said it was in Genesis 1:12 it is actually Genesis 1 verse 29. And God did make it for us to use internally. Stop the lies

  12. What is extremely bizarre is that this is exactly the same conclusion I came to last week as I toured many Dispensaries in Maine. The Commercialization and Industrialization of THC.

  13. By far the worst and most inaccurate video I've seen in a while. This guy is clueless lol

  14. I have suffered from serious mental health issues and cannabis has saved my life and given me a quality of life I have never had while on tons of pharmaceuticals. Why does he not talk about the benefits of medicinal weed? He clearly has his on agenda. What’s wrong with poor people doing marijuana if it was legal. Maybe it will stop poor people from making meth.

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