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  1. Everything you was saying I felt like we was talking 💯You saying straight facts tho it make you hallucinate like a mf then once you lay down you automatically get sleepy and it makes you not wanna hardly do everything but lay down and do super weird shit I was a straight stoner for 5 years it made me angry at every lil thing 👌🏿since I stopped I feel nothing but positive vibes and like I’m free from everything💕

  2. Yo fam I noticed it is different from da shit b4 med weed it made me feel wierd as fuck I so didn't like dat feeling. They want to control everything from cigarettes to food it's all to control us real talk my eyes are open I see shit dat nobody else pays attention to but I'm crazy lol .open ur hearts and brains to see clearly.

  3. Plz stfup and sit your scary as down weed is not addictive amd it is not a dangerous even my grandfather smoke weed and she is 88.

  4. this dude is a joke…… now he suppose to be on some spiritual Dialogue ….. he was recently up on here dress like a pimp talking about call his hot line number for instructions on how to break a hoe..

  5. bra definitely trippin.. nigga ain't shit in the weed nigga its something in you

  6. I knew this year ago that is why I stop and grow my own I saved the seed from back in the day

  7. God put these plants and others on this planet for a reason. It’s ur decision to use them

  8. Right there with you man. Took two hits yesterday. Completely shut me off. Something is definitely happening

  9. You are in the process of waking up… Just make sure you put positive energy back in the world. Be ware you will and are being tested.

  10. You smoke og and wandering why you sit back….staring at the sun prolly seen a condor shadow pass by and was too blinded staring at the sun too see the bird lol

  11. Bro you ain’t crazy man!!! Swear if you take some acid and sun gaze hahahahaha it’s fun.

  12. Yet this message is on social media to get your message out to the masses. True enlightenment is for you and you alone. Why? Because your path is your path. Not mine. You're experience and your wisdom is yours alone. Not mine.

  13. Bruh I be high 24/7…., And got employee of the month last week… You smoking the wrong weed… Smoke Cali weed… The Arizona week got u trippy… I never smoke medical weed… Only my nigga weed..

  14. Y'all hating bro 100 wit it .. just need to hold fast on running them thoughts. All eyez on you missing without a trace.

  15. My parents always told me, that weed is witchcraft anything that takes you out of your right state of mind is witchcraft. It opens a door for the devil to come in because you’re not on guard.

  16. Good content man, but veganism will be your downfall in the long run. Meat is essential

  17. There's levels, gates, holes, portals, windows, doorways, cracks, and crevices to this. Connecting the macro to the micro. And it's all personal. Give your SELF space and time too exist beyond space and time. Your doorway might be a portal for someone else. Our paths will differ. Study rules and laws. Learn to maneuver by them…then create your own.

  18. He has brain damage he’s pretty much a vegetable. It’s sad hearing people talk that’s like this. “Sun gazing now” jeez get outside dude

  19. I quit smoking THC, I now buy CBD flowers with less than .3 percent THC and over 15 percent CBD. It's been amazing.

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