Growing Cannabis

Step by Step How to Plant Outdoor Weed

Growing Progress Update for May 2019 – I show you the progress on my legal weed planted late April 2019. Watch the first video here …

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  1. I just planted one today and left it on the outside windowsill and now I'm worried I've killed it

  2. Plants are living beings, said that: stop stress them already! Do One watering a day and, please, don’t manipulate them too much!! They fell endangered when notice sketchy activity around them. If you see lines on the diying leaves (concentric patterns) that’s they way to scream out loud with pain. You can search my approach if yoy strike at your keyboard “Hamer Focus”…

  3. Sweeet ¦) Please do an update I would love to see how they are coming along. Cheers fellow grower

  4. Probably one of the best most detailed youtubers, definitely need more subs

  5. And i found them!! They are defenitly shocked but the new growt looks pretty good right. They will addapt and survive just won't get as tall but hey.. they alive brother!

  6. New sub like what your doing and i dont think you can make to many vids im kinda house bound these days and would love to see more vids keep up the awesome content my man and look forward to the next update

  7. Hey nice start! I count five pots, maybe either clarify whats in the one you don't show or hide it… limit is 4 in BC without a prescription and we don't want to rock the boat! Check out this page for leaf problems, like your white tips its super helpful in diagnosing and fixing. Happy growing!!! Give those ladies a tablespoon of epsom salt on top of the soil to help green them up

  8. I live in canada and am germinating my seeds right now ! i will follow your videos ! Do you test your water PH ?

  9. You can protect your plants from sun damage early on by getting a shade net. 40% will do fine and protect your plant more than you know!

  10. if they don't break out of the 3 leaf pattern.they got stuck in pre flower won't get any weight.they will produce tiny tiny tiny happens when u put out to if you want more weight,grow them indoor as big has u can.then put out.

  11. i found the problem why some of ur plants are smaller… 2:34 in right top. that guy does not seem innocent, he may be pissing on it XD

  12. This is great. I'm getting ready to put mine in pots this weekend. Would love to see you do a video on pest management.

  13. Your soil is shit. You would have been better off with a bagged potting soil

  14. I planted my seed 3 days ago, I've been just having it sit in my window ceil where u had yours in the last video, I'm wondering how old they have to be before I can put them outside

  15. Sunburn…yup… give them one hour more sunlight with like every second day… should work out better…

  16. I think the way the weather is going, any outdoor grow is gonna be a tricky thing. But still looking good Bud. Cheers.

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