Growing Cannabis

Starting From Seed How to start Growing Cannabis

This is step by step instructions on how to germinate marijuana seeds, it’s easy to start growing your medical cannabis garden from seed. Its the best and safe …

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  1. Glad you reposted the video my first video I watched to learn how to grow most helpful easy video wish I could show you my first plants wow such beauties John thank you for your knowledge

  2. I miss growing so much. I can't wait for my state to come out of the dark ages and legalize.

  3. Great video John, Do you use a humidity dome or heat mat after putting beans in the soil?

  4. Love your videos John keep up the great work Wise teaching the new generation on how to grow like a pro .

  5. "my medicine" "super stoked" "off the hook" "tremendously" "bring us some killer" "grow in peace" "look at how happy I am"

  6. Light is too high imo, and get a fan blowing around them to strengthen the stem 👍😁👍

  7. You want the root pointing up so the seed she'll will come off as the seed grows up through the dirt ! If you put root tip pointing down, the seed she'll will stay stuck on the cotylydons and keep them from spreading open this looking like a helmet on the seed and it will struggle and stretch trying to shed the seed she'll, or hull !

  8. Thank you so much for the repost so much good information here and thanks for not standing down.

  9. Cool video Johnny B! The other DNA quote I always remembered was, "Our terps dont lie." Cheers

  10. Man….. If your this excited, this has to be some amazing smoke. Get growing!!!! I can't wait for the final episode!!!!

  11. John I'm use organic super soil that I build from Roots organic I add several organic and minutes kelp azomite crab meal alfalfa meal fish bone meal high phosphorus seabird guano something called Great White which has 30 different strains of mycorrhizae and trichoderma worm castings ancient Alaskan Forest hummus that is fungal dominated since the worm castings are bacterial dominated to even the soil out and I build an open-source compost tea that I fertilize after my plants go into Super soil which contains over 20 different ingredients it's something similar to a recipe you can find called I copied and made my own with a little twist and it's quite the kicker John look into it if you'd like just passing on some positive cannabis culture brother the sharing of positive cannabis culture is a great thing we learn from each other

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