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Spiritual Effects of Marijuana

Spiritual Effects of Marijuana February 28, 2019 by Mirnesa Mirnesa’s Original Video is here: …

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  1. Im the 333 liker on this video And weed has been giving me spiritual awakeness as far as visons, telekinesis, and many different time perseption distrortions.

  2. I've got major PTSD and MMD, and plant based Medicine is BY FAR the best improvement I've ever seen in myself physically and my mental health! CBD capsules have changed my life, and I truly enjoy smoking cannabis for both healing and Spirituality, it's AMAZING! God bless plant based Medicine, it's helped me take my life back with less severe symptoms 💗✌️✨🌈🦋

  3. Please stop spreading the false fact that smoking weed is addicting. It isn’t at all. However it’s true that people are just addictive by nature anyways and can find anything to become addicting; shopping, coffee, sex, etc. It is just simply weak-mindedness to allow a substance to completely take over your life; it stems from a lack of self discipline and the unwillingness to own up to our habits and mistakes and blame the substance when it is you that doesn’t want to change.

  4. So what are the spiritual effects? Feels like it never got to the point.

  5. Psychedelics can only help you open so many doors within ones consciousness development. When that final psychedelic door opens…
    You start to realize the magic was within ones self the the entire time.

  6. And cbd oil is used for alot of medical conditions it doesn't have to be smoked its used for cancer,insomnia,loss of appetite,menstral pains for females,charlottes web etc… 😇✌

  7. Greetings everyone we all make mistakes but it's better to listen then leave comments that dnt help, Cbd oil comes frm indica🌳 strains that relax you not sativa🌲which has THC and makes you more humorous 💖&💡 Amen & Namaste.

  8. I noticed other comments below on the traditional spiritual uses (entheogenic) and from my direct experience, I would say that I found it to be a 'positive' part of my 'Toolbox'…It doesn't have the 'dramatic' impact of the 'Ayahuasca' (sp?) experience but it does aid in the Shaministic pathways (self induced) and I use it in my daily 'communions' (Gnostic Tradition) … It is also beneficial in these current intense energies for calming…I'm not trying to be critical, but we're not meant to 'raise' our frequency and just stay there…Once you achieve Wholeness (Holiness), we 'move' up and down (lower chakras) as needed and those 'lower' frequencies are not negative but our Ancient 'Source'…of Life Itself…This is why they say to "Embrace the Dark"…It's where our Soul was born from…Just Love Now

  9. Omg! Thank you for this information. I totally agreed with you . I used to think I was just wasting my time smoking. But I did felt good I feel good it has healed me too now I noticed, I was confused 🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you!

  10. Thank you for this. I am in the process of letting marijuana go. I have used it since I was 12. I just turned 40 and it's time to let it go. I have felt the urge for about 6 months. It is challenging but rewarding. It was always my coping mechanism. Time to trust myself…exciting

  11. Smoked 25+ years….now moving on to "cakes" ○/ less toxins and actually a better buzz for longer 😉👍

  12. For the people who say that people who smoke cannabis smoke it to escape reality, can we define reality? What is reality? To have a fixed framework of what reality is is to trap the mind in that said framework. Reality is constantly evolving. Reality outruns assumption. I'd say being stoned is just as real as being sober.

  13. This is gonna be harsh, but I feel it’s warranted.

    Another one of these videos that says they feel no effects from Cannibus because their energy/vibration is so high they don’t feel it.

    First off, this is absolutely false and misleading. Your body and energetic framework is not a video game character that can “max level” itself.
    There is no hard cap on how much energy you can bring in, merely your preconceived limitations, blocks, and higher self interference.

    Second, the higher your vibration the GREATER the effects it will have on you. Just one small puff can put you down/asleep at that stage.

    Third, if you’re not feeling an energetic rush from using CBD oil, you’re no where you think you are vibrationally.

    Fourth, please don’t release videos about subjects you don’t understand and products you clearly don’t use. It does a great disservice to anyone who views it.

  14. I actually did watch Aaron's vid also.. what we must understand that substances can elevate your vibrations to a certain level.. their elevations are limited and thats a fact… but your inner light can go beyond.. there are no limits.. Aaron like other light workers bypassed that elevation and started vibrating on higher frequencies and in which case when he continued using.. his vibrations were lowered by what was higher before.. so just know where you standing and the more you continue vibrating on higher frequencies.. the more substances will lower you🍁🍁. Much love

  15. I used to really enjoyed smoking weed but recently it started to give me a lot of anxiety so I had to stop

  16. Cannabis is my daily medicine… for back pains… nausea, insomnia, anxiety, stress, negative vibes, for appetite, for meditation.. and just pure pleasure…. I thank the gods and the universe for giving me the prescription so I can do it legally..

  17. 🔥🔥👍👍👍🔥🔥 Agree in a certain manner ! Each must decide has to when it is needed, there is no higher high then that which comes from within, it is a Medicine Sacred Herb. To be treated with respect not to be abused !. Love Light and Wisdom 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  18. Mirnerva just made an apology video due to the backlash from her last video I presume. Judging by her body language and the fact that she projects her negative experience with herb on the viewer, so as to say it's dangerous for all based on her one time experience.

    She doesn't appear to have much knowledge of the fact that different strains so different things.

    When you buy cannabis you need to know what particular strain is not right for your mental complex.

    For her infoemation, there are plenty of strains like o.g. kush that stimulate intellectual comprehension beyond what she's probably never been privy to in her life.

    She would have been better off just owning her initial stance and sticking with it. Now she has to deal with that disingenuous residue attached to her energy bodies.

    I'm going to 🚬some 🎧🎶 with my evod vape pen so I can laugh uncontrollably and hear my alternate dimensional self's thoughts BY WAY OF TELEPATHY and AURIC HEARING.

    THE MANDELA EFFECT IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING RN. I couldn't imagine living in a world like today's without being able to establish mental balance through self healing. Peace.

  19. 170 days clean and sober gratefully accepted myself worked out some trama forgiving myself and others
    420 is put on hold until I get
    My life back together all other substances definite no. Due to past meth use. I thought I was awake now
    I Am awakening from the dark realities of drugs. My new friends are clean and sober gratefully accepted
    Help the energy above my head fully protecting myself. being cleaned by galactic federation of light
    Ashtar command

    Reporting to duty
    P/S my new friends are more than anyone could ask for they actually care about me. I send unconditional love to those who still suffering from addiction

  20. Honestly my spirit has put so much grass in my life that its a way of life. I feel my Creator or Higher Self threw those plants on the ground just to help me through this lifetime

  21. I am my own best doctor. I trust all of my plants and some of the strongest medicines are poisons in the right amount.

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