Special: Is Pot Actually ILLEGAL in Amsterdam?

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  1. Thanks again to Cheddar for sponsoring this video: As you might imagine, it's extremely likely this one will otherwise get demonetized, but videos like this are also very expensive, so without the support of Cheddar and our Patrons, we couldn't have done this one. 🙂

  2. wait how the fuck did he just pronounce "gedoogbeleid"?? haha no offense liked the video but damn could've atleast tried

  3. Just subbed to your chanel great videos shout out from bendigo australia

  4. It's not illegal and not legal, it's acceptable for as long as needed this way and can be banned at any time

  5. TIFO smoking weed inside is fine as long as you don't mix it with spin.
    What a shining example to governments everywhere else of how to remove the stick from their asses.

  6. I was hoping Simon would go get toasted. Amsterdam has almost completely lost its mythos to people living in legal states in the US because it’s looser here now and the weed is way better.

  7. A brilliant example of de jure vs de facto legality. If a law is broken and no one cares, it is really a law?

  8. Coffee shop owner gets raided, gets 16 weeks in prison. 4 months in Dutch prison is enough time to watch all your favorite movies/shows and beat all your favorite video games again! Bangarang!! I

  9. Holland has weird laws about it… but the police there really don't bother anyone

  10. go to amsterdam indeed stay there never explore the netherlands in a whole because we dont need you murican scum here XD hahahaha amsterdam is not even part of the netherlands do your research.

  11. Its hard to listen to you dressed like Dr.who… You made a definite decision to wear that scarf that way in every shot….. Maybe i just smoked too much weed and im looking into it too much.

  12. Where do letters sent to santa clause go, I know they do get processed though the USPS, but where do they go, and do other countries processed the letters?

  13. Recently I was looking at some vids of Amsterdam… reading the comments and people talking about how a number of the coffee houses have closed down .

  14. It's the same guy that does Biographics. The Youtube channel where this guy talks about certain historical figures.

  15. Where does the weed come from and who is the money funding? If the dutch doesn't allow even a few grow with intend to only sell through "coffee shops" then where is it coming from and how can you be certain it isn't funding unscrupulous individuals / organizations?

  16. Coffeshops are mostly for the tourists, they sell their stuff way too expensive. Most of the weed smokers in the Netherlands grow their plants themselves (indoor as well as outdoor), or have an acquaintance who does it for them. This way you only pay half the price, tops. Anybody who buys their weed in a coffeeshop is either stupid or has no friends at all.

  17. They should go the rest of the way, by legalizing weed even in theory.
    It's time. Paraguay did that. Canada is about to do it, too. It's time.

    (Ah, YouTube comments. Of course some idiot tries to make this a
    religious debate despite the video being a completely different topic.
    (The Kingdom of the Netherlands is approximately half Christian, by the
    way, and some Christians are in favor of legalizing weed, myself
    included.) (No, I'm not Dutch, however, in case the other set of
    subparentheses made you wonder.))

  18. Man thanks a lot for the info man ,hope u keep updating the laws over weed in Amsterdam if it gets changed again

  19. how can .5 of a ki be "ignored" but 200 get you a £9,000,000 fine?? that makes nooooooo sense, it can't kill anybody

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