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Sour Jack Flower Review (from muv Tampa)

This is a cross between two stellar sativa’s- Sour Diesel & Jack Herer. It’s got stellar pain relieving qualities & works great for appetite stimulation. If it wasn’t $55 …

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  1. Hey man, thank you for these videos. This is the only way I've found so far to navigate the confusing product representation of the Florida dispensaries. This is a huge help buddy.

  2. Love your reviews, laid back, but on point, and cover a little of a lot that folks want to know. Just tried Sour Jack today, not a diesel fan, but this was alright. Was worried about this with Anxiety, so far so good. Love the smell too! I like it enough I would buy again, but I concur, too pricey.

  3. I still can't get over how you and ellie k have a lot of similarity..are you guys related by any chance?

  4. nice video man I would like to do something like this on my channel I have my card as well
    price is just crazy

  5. Hands down my favorite flower cup of the 5 I have tried from MUV. I have been extremely impressed with the quality so far. Hopefully competition brings those prices down a bit.

  6. Went today with a friend got 20% off. We both did matter of fact and it's that 🔥 forum cut cookies is gas

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