Marijuana Health Benefits

Smoking vs Juuling

Juuling and smoking both contain nicotine, but is one healthier? We talk Juuling on our Podcast! Created by: Mitchell Moffit and …

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  1. Ok so 1 juul pod is not 16, a pack of 4 is. Love your vids but this is a false claim that juuling is more expensive

  2. Very surprised that nobody in here is blaming juul for underage usage, donโ€™t blame the product blame all corner stores for selling to minors

  3. It's actually $24 for 4 Juul pods. Idk where he got that $16 for one fact but it's really false.

  4. Itโ€™s not more expensive you get 4 pods for 16 so your getting basically 4 packs of cigs but way healthier and cheaper

  5. Can you PLEASE stop with these anti-cirarattes juuling drawing shit it is bad for you but some people can't help it you can't stop people from doing it

  6. remember kids, mcdonaldโ€™s, a stroll downtown+breathing the air and a drink from ur local Starbucks is just as bad if not worse than vaping.

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