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Should you Invest in Marijuana Stocks – BEST Cannabis Stocks

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  1. Look into PYX. If you notice the loss per share you are insane since you should be seeing the total number of shares is 9 million! Also they bring in 2 billion or so a year and are just now investing in cannabis/hemp/eJuice. Don't forget me!

  2. How did doing your taxes on dividends and profit turn out ? How much profit you made and how much in taxes did you pay.

  3. I stay away from cannabis stocks. Very risky and volatile. Might as well take all that money and throw it on black on the roulette wheel. I invest in stocks and im a firm believe in blue chip stocks, and best of breed. Just my strategy. Marathon not a sprint.

  4. I really like how your doing this with Robinhood.I use tdameritrade & Robinhood.Keep doing these videos.

  5. Tilray hit 300, just didnt ever close anywhere near there. You highlighted the candlestick that showed it lol
    I like HEXO, but I swing trade.

  6. Hey Bruce, great video. I own shares in Aphria, Hexo. I plan to increase my shares in those companies as well as buy shares in a few of the other companies you mentioned.

  7. I would only invest in one or two cannabis stocks….that sector is too volatile

  8. Yes you should invest in marijuana stocks
    In fact I am trying to get a recreational marijuana license in my city
    Your thoughts

  9. Nice! There you go. Next trillion dollar industry! Hemp derived CBD is going mainstream now.

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