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Seniors and pot | 22 Minutes

Retired seniors love pot too. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, new on Tuesdays. Stream full episodes here: 22 Minutes on CBC: …

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  1. Grow your own. Itโ€™s legal for me to have 6 adult plants and 6 seedling plants.

  2. America the great right? Funny how nobody gives a shit that the government make a joke out of us. Now we gotta pretend dudes are girls cause THEY have a disorder. Millennials will only let it get worse

  3. Wow I'm surprised Trudeau is letting you guys talk like that in our dick tarded country. I'd be careful he's going after everybody that makes fun of them

  4. the very first day at the nslc when they legalized weed I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed most of the people ahead of me were in in their 50s, some were in their late 70s or even 80s…I giggled out loud lol

  5. This is brilliant. I am thrilled weed is legal, I have been waiting for this since the 70s. When I retire I plan to get high and never come down ever again.

  6. Imagine acting like an idiot and not realizing you suck so badly at your job.. They say if you can't do, teach.. In this case, if your not funny work for the CBC. Your families must be embarrassed.

  7. Gone are the days of Gramps yelling at the kids to keep their frisbee off the lawn, and in with Gramps shouting "Dude… what if frisbees are yelling at the lawn to get out from under them… but nobody can hear them….?"

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