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Seeing a NEW Medical Cannabis Doctor 👩‍⚕️🌱 (1/31/19)

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  1. Go on Facebook there are a lot of groups and the best info. Medical mj stores are the best and know more on pain what to use.

  2. There's a lot of ppl on that and it works wonders for them , I wish you the best of luck

  3. I'm so glad your appointment went well ^_^ hope the pens work and they give you some comfort

  4. Wow I remember when you weren't eating hardly anything, Im so excited to see that cannabis has helped you!!!

  5. How are you weaning off the narcotics? Maybe you weren't taking opioids often enough to have withdrawals?

  6. So what is happening with the opioid medicine that you were getting from the pain management doctor? since you mentioned that only a pain management doctor can prescribe those medications, do you have to just stop taking it cold turkey? or…?

    Anyway I'm so sorry that all this is happening. It's definitely not easy, but you can pull through.

  7. My husband vapes and uses 1:1 oil for his pain. He got a work related injury and still awaiting/fighting for back surgery 3 years and counting. A huge downside of Canada is the wait times for surgery but a bonus for us is his prescription work benefits will cover his cannabis and oil, since it's legal country-wide. I hope it works as well for you as it does for him. I remember awhile backing watching your videos and you weren't even considering medical cannabis at the time. I've been hoping you would eventually give it a try, and so happy for all the good it has brought to you!!

  8. Im happy your going to try vaping. I do it with my fibro meds to take care of what they dont.

  9. Glad you found a good doctor. Mine kinda just gave me my card and said it’s trial and error. I found a few at Trulieve that help, but sometimes they are out of what I need. Suttera’s tinctures upset my stomach, but their vape pens work ok. I love their customer service, but they do not have the variety to help my multiple pain issues. I saw they had some new products and I may try them when I run out of current products.

  10. I can't wait to hear more about your experience! ❤

    I have mast cell disease too & have purposely held off trying CBD & THC products because I am scared how I will react.

    Thank you for sharing your unique experience to us, it's a blessing that you are able & willing to share your knowledge & life.

    I am sure it must be hard sometimes to be so open online, especially about something that people can be opinionated twords.

    Myself & I am sure many other chronic illness warriors do appreciate your personal experiences & sharing treatments that have been helping you 💪😊😇

  11. thanks for taking us with you on your medical cannabis journey. I luv it when you do tricks with your sweet Harlow. How did you train Harlow to go all around you that way? My labX can do a “hide” when he ‘parks’ between my knees. One of life’s joys is training my dogs. My therapy dog, Daisy, would so love you! She is a white blue eyed Siberian husky with a heart of gold like Harlow. So wish YouTube would allow pictures in replies. Hope the vaping helps you, Jaquie. I too have asthma, and once I got used to vaping (coughed at first until I learned to take little puffs) it did help with the pain relief and asthma is gone. I do not vape a lot; just when pain is high. One thing I like about MMJ is we are all so different, and we can ‘sculpt’ our own MMJ treatment as we need it. Have a great day! JoDe +4

  12. hello Jaquie ! i really love watching the 3 of you…will you be my 40th subscriber. Thank you so much ! Have a great day ahead! you inspired me to do vlogging too.

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