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We are rolling into my medical cannabis today to take a better look at the strains we have been growing. We talk more about scrubbing the air for smell, how to …

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  1. Gorgeous garden as always, the pineapple's top looks the best I think.. 😎 I wonder what if you would change the pots to bigger ones (2-3 unit deeper), would it be better for the roots to support the branches more, so bigger buds could grow and not fall over ? Maybe cleaning out the bottoms would also train the plants to get stronger to hold the upper branches, and not stretch out like this ? Plus a try on at a home built bamboo cage customised for the individual ?
    Just ideas, just asking.. 🤓😎✌
    You could try it out maybe just on one plant, in the next grow for comparison.. 😊🤓
    Sorry about complaining last time for the fans, I know it's necessary, I just could not hear you very well.. 😊✌

  2. Hi John great videos, I want to start growing my own what type of light do you recommend to use for a beginner?

  3. yuuum!!! looks nice >.< 
    im using smart pods, wonderful pods! the roots can air-prune itself and i have much healthier plants now and over all a more vibrant look. i think they even taste better (organic with soil, only weekly feeding and watering once a day. i keep it simple).
    it would be nice too see a test grow with our master-brain 🙂

  4. A year ago I broke my c2 c3, I’ve smoked for years and this will b my first year growing my meds, love the videos man keep it I’ll I’ll be following

  5. HI John I have what you will consider a stupid question , of corse I can work out the answer but, just to be sure ..cuttings off a mother plant will all be female? only females have buds? they need a male in there somewhere to pollinate? sorry for being a bit dumb!

  6. Hey guys I got 2 plants and there 4 weeks into flower now they started to turn male do I keep them and get seeds or chop them out

  7. Was hoping to see you in Calgary… but I got sick and couldn't go.

  8. Honestly the fan doesn't bother me. The buds are so pretty not much sound is needed. Loving the videos from Oklahoma John, cheers!

  9. The best grower God has sent down to earth is John burfelo. No two ways about that

  10. Excellent video Dr. John and it was wavy to see the full room and grow. Love your humility and willingness to learn more, peace out✌

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