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Rick Simpson Oil – Nature's Answer for Cancer

Rick Simpson’s journey to help people heal themselves with his rediscovery of the amazing medical properties of the cannabis plant and the powerful oils …

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  1. OK, big pharma and governments are suppressing our ability to get THC. I get it, really I do, but to spend most of the video harping on this over and over just wastes my time. What I really want to know is what % of THC to CBD is appropriate for various types of cancers and how can I get my hands on high quality oil if I'm unable to make it myself. I live in the US in a state that does not allow TCH oil. Even the medical MJ laws limit the oil to about 2% as I recall and that's not enough for cancer. I'm even willing to drive to another state to pick it up. That's what I'm interested in…

  2. Can u use sativa strain to make the oil for cancer what’s the pros and cons can any one help

  3. We all know Bob Marley died ( but always in our hearts) of melanoma and we know that he used cannabis, so my question is, is it the concentrate that is so effective and smoking the flowers not so good? I am hoping for intelligent responses that are factual and not hearsay.

  4. In 23:17 he says even in Holland you can not get good cannabis! So there is no chance at all? All those CBD oils are fake or just for minor health issues or even just stupid drugs?

  5. Though I agree with Mr. Simpson it would be nice to see some actual statistics on the cannabis succes in different treatment, instead of ranting the powerfull elite. Give us some hard facts on the plant! There is a lot of research around the world we would very much like to see! Lets look at the positives! 😉

  6. Hi Rick, we all needt to hear the truth good work keep up the fight for the rights to consume cannabis and grow medication with out the fear of being a criminal for doing something so natural.

  7. Could anyone please tell me how to get this oil. My dad has cancer and it is spreading. The radiation therapy is not doing any good. He is about 80 years old and has a severe pain in his back because his backbone is infected. So a lot of people told us to give him cannabis oil with broccoli. i want to order the oil online but can't find a trusted website. Anyone please can give me a trusted website? Or had the same experience.
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Wer kann mir helfen dieses Öl für meinen schwer Krebskranken Zwillingsbruder zu finden.Bitte Bitte helfen sie mir.Mfg.stevo

  9. I hv cml and I trying to heal my self I grow my plants and make my own thc oil but what I don't know… is willl it wk cause my plant r well grown but not indica strains praying it wk ….I am the first to make thc oil in Antigua the small country I liveing now am proud of my self god lead me to Rick Simpson and it's was a blessing to know what he is doing to help us I'm still fighting for my life and I won't give up I hope I get my hands on the indica strains one day or a country I can move to where I can get it can someone tell my if I dont hv Rick Simpson indica strains if my plants can still be beneficial to my healing process if it's high quality and hight in thc thank u plz contact me or whatapp me +12687880887god bless.

  10. TOTAL FUCKING QUACKERY. No different then the snake oil salesman of old. Your "cancer" is something that only exists in fantasy and is nothing but a term made up by the harmaceutical & medical industries to murder you. You are healing absolutely NOTHING with your poison herb you drooling low vibrating retards.

  11. Brief story on how RSO cannabis oil cured my cancer.i am 54 years,October 11st 2017,i was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs , which i lost all hope,until a friend introduced me to cannabis treatments which i never believed.But i had to try it and few months after i was totally cured and this cannabis oil killed my cancer, Rick Simpson helped me with this cannabis oil.You can get in touch with him via:[email protected]

  12. Does anyone know some people in texas that make? Please help stage 4 liver cance and lung. Please

  13. I am wondering what you think of Shorak oil? It is so expensive and I know it is the same thing Rick makes.

  14. If anyone can not understand what is going on with cannabis in 2019 they need to go out in their back yards if they have one , dig a hole and berry themselves. It's legal to grow possess and gift cannabis right in Washington DC . What's more tonbe said!!! Wake up folks before your loved ones die. IMHO Everyone should grow a cannabis plant in 2019. Every single person that has a place to grow it don't wait on no one!!! Heal yourself and your loved ones!! To the judicial system, come lock us up if ya don't like it!!

  15. I agree! The US is ran by the most evil! I'm stuck in the belly of the damn beast.

  16. Hi there, I have stage 4 liver cirrhosis with level 4 scarring. I am wondering if this oil could help my liver? I can only find two studies regarding the liver and hemp oil, one from 2005 and the other in 2013. Does anyone have first hand experience. TIA

  17. Thank you Mr. Simpson for your suffering while you fight this horrific fight! I have been listening to all your videos and ordered your book and am reading it. I would love to produce the oil in order to help my family and friends. I have a burning question. Why can companies grow plants and sell seeds and you can not? Why don’t you form a company, grow plants and sell the seeds so we will be able to trust the seeds we purchase?

  18. USA & CA governments corrupt! Natives have always used herbal remedies!

  19. excellent speech, how can you give this video a thumbs down you brain dead twats.

  20. Do you have to decarb before you make the oil or does the heating for alcohol evaporation decarb it? Afraid to use heat for too long. Also does Rick simpson oil have THC in it or is it other cannabinoids for medicinal purposes only?

  21. Das ist hoch interessant, nur leider verstehe ich nur ein Drittel.
    Macht ihr eine Synchronisation oder stellt ihr Untertitel zur Verfügung?

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