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Rick Simpson oil – has it been proven to treat cancer?

Rick Simpson oil is a a CBD/hemp oil derived from the Cannabis plant. It has been used for years to treat conditions such as cancer and chronic pain.

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  1. His Oil is not CBD oil do not get it confused it is THC dominant OIL Indica strains.

  2. RSO oil is NOT CBD oil. Get your facts straight before maligning other peoples' work.

  3. I believe you have been mislead. Rick Simpson has showed how to make your own oil using cannibus. His true website is under phoenixtears. He has helped lots of people. Your message is also very misleading without researching the proper Rick Simpson oil.. Make it yourself

  4. RSO is to make $$$ by claiming it is a special way to extract cancer curing chemicals from marijuana plants. There's nothing special about the process. Those who have cancer are being targeted by false claims that RSO if not used could mean that they had bypassed THE cure.

  5. If you go to the website you will see that I am not in the position to supply this medication to anyone. In reality all we are supplying is the information needed which will allow most people to produce their own high quality medicinal cannabis extracts that are non addictive and harmless in nature, but unlike chemotherapy and radiation they do not present a danger or kill the patient being treated.for many years now it has been a proven fact that the cannabinoidTHC is very effective in the treatment of cancer and several other serious medical problems.

  6. the action potential of the oil is because of molecules created on the surface of cannabis flower .
      glandular secretion into the trichome creates phytocannabinopids and 144 phytocannabinoids have been identified while the entire plant species ( cannabaceae) has 568 constituent parts.

  7. I just want to say… RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, isn’t actually an oil. It is a METHOD of extracting the essential oils from the plant.

    There is no price associated with free information on a method that is being given freely. If someone is selling oil with his name on it, you can be certain he does not endorse it.

  8. You need to do more research
    He doesn’t not have a web site.. he states in his videos he doesn’t not sell it. It works for so much I use it..

  9. I’m not sure how much research you actually did. Rick Simpson does not have a company, and that website is not his.

    Www. Phoenix tears. ca

    He doesn’t sell oil, and he recommends you don’t buy it.

    You should do a little more research. Just saying

  10. One should make it oneself. You get a 10% return from the manufacture of it. So figure, for example, $100. ounce will make about 2 grams of oil. One needs about 180 grams for cancer treatment.

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