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Rick Simpson Oil for Cancer

DOES RICK SIMPSON OIL CURE CANCER? // Wondering “What is Rick Simpson Oil?” or Should you bother buying Rick Simpson Oil? or How is Rick Simpson …

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  2. PET SCANS? They shoot you up with radioactive nuclear substance mixed with sugar!! AND the results can be indicative of cancer when it is NOT CANCER. I have not heard of anyone getting cancer from RSO and most people use alcohol to boil it down. Np alcohol left in the end result.

  3. Himalayan pink salt has traces of cyanide does that mean I should stop taking that ?

  4. Hi ,

    I understand on a doctors medical view I understand that it could be Saudi not enough evidence , but on a general public view it is becoming more apparent of real life stories people are becoming cured through the use of rso , THC and cbd .

    Real life people that have been given end of life are turning to this product , and are curing the cancer ,

    Which in turn is spreading the word .
    Maybe if the medical side took the time to test efficiently on these products it could help people rather than go through some very gruelling treatment which costs thousands and thousands.

    So I do think as much as you say rick Simpson is lining his pockets the Same can be said or the pharmaceutical companies.

    In all honesty as well he has willingly gave his recipe out there to the world , in fact to not benefit his own pockets !

  5. What are ur thoughts of RSO in general? I use it for severe nerve pain and it has become my preferred method.

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