Recreational marijuana use will eventually be legalized: Cannabis company CEO

Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy joins “Squawk Box” to discuss where the United States stands in the stage of transitioning toward legalizing recreational …

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  1. Canada is legalizing edibles this October apparently. So we’d better hop on this train

  2. The medical community and government involved in the greed of money will have to answer to GOD

  3. The medical community is all about MONEY. They don't care about healing you!!!! THEY ONLY WANT TO PROFIT OFF OF US

  4. Cannabis cures cancer. Siezures. Chronic pain. Man made cannabis illegal. Cannabis is a human right!!!!

  5. That female anchor had nothing science based to support her claim, acting like an angry soccer mom. We get it, smoke in your lungs is bad. What about the carbon monoxide on the freeways, the crazy free radicals that does to your body? There’s just so much to say about our everyday life that effects us, and to make an ignorant comment as she did just shows how ignorant it gets to the top. The FDA? C’mon, pleeeeeease.

  6. To hell with states legalizing, we need federal decriminalization. My job involves dot, they prohibit it even in legal states. Nobody brings up the drug testing part and the fact that we are not lazy burnouts. We work, and we want this!

  7. Long term studies showed that people who smoked just weed had no change in lung function. People who smoked weed and cigarettes had healthier lungs than people who just smoke cigarettes. Fuck that lady

  8. They don’t like marijuana because it doesn’t kill people. They fully support alcohol and pharmaceuticals because it does. There’s no argument to regulate alcohol or even vehicles. Can anyone tell me why the average car is capable of 100mph? Way over the speed limits all over the country, over a million people die every year in car crashes but there’s no problem with it. 100,000 people a year die from alcohol and there’s no limit on how much I can buy. Marijuana has killed 0 (zero) people in over 3,000 years but it’s classified as something deadly. It’s obvious to me they like it being illegal so they can discriminate, incriminate and extort people. Why else?

  9. In 2016 I WAS suffering from a very bad case of PTSD. I tried several different mental health meds and none of them relieved my symptoms. Then last year I started marijuana and now I am 95% healed! God says it's ok to not drink water all the time and to drink a little wine. I doubt a little weed hurts either unless you let it take over your life and let it become an idol instead of a medicine. It is possible to remain sober minded with mild consumption. The man made medications that I take that are legal are FAR more addictive and dangerous than this plant of renown.

  10. I hate stupid talking heads like these three jokes of human society. If smoking it is bad and that's why it's illegal then make cigs illegal. Or vaping. Or fireplaces and campfires. That's smoke that is inhaled. Those douche bags should really do research rather than pop off about stuff they know nothing about.

  11. It's a plant that God put on dis dam plant. There are medical benefits and it could cure cancer so they need to get on the study of figuring out what it's good for No mother fucker has died. The only dam way u can die from pot is If a FBI jet flys by and they drop 100 pound drop out the plane and hits you in the fucking head so let's consider the legalization of a harmful plant

  12. I keep reading all this BS about marijuana and violent crimes people who think this and believe this nonsense are uneducated and naive do some real research and don't believe everything you read talk to people who actually smoke cannabis get real information real facts I personally have smoked marijuana for over 20 years I'm not violent when I smoke in fact the opposite I don't smoke and drive I don't smoke and rob the corner store I have never met anyone who was violent over cannabis most likely the people who are violent over marijuana is the cartel the ones making millions of dollars off illegal cannabis take the illegal part away no more violence over cannabis that simple make it legal at the federal level helps our country and hurts the one's making lots more money than our naive government.

  13. And then the Cunt opened her mouth. She opened it with 0 scientific facts. There’s medicinal value through smoke. The flower is all natural. The lighter fluid that burns the flower is not good. There’s 0 carcinogens in the smoke itself. The question is does the smoke hurt your lungs. And the answer is likely it heals and is good for your lungs.

  14. Gotten this far up to capital hill. Tougher fight will the republican senate next. Let's PUSH Hard !!

  15. Anyone else find it funny that there's an NYPD officer outside the window standing there with his a police dog, eyeballing the Cannabis CEO.
    He's probably waiting for his interview to be over so he can ….. you know the drill , detain him, for a random check followed by a probable cause search or something like that ….lol.. right?

  16. marijuana is a natural herb grown from the ground which is why its called weed. its just a weed. marijuana is peace love and happiness, make love not war

  17. The woman is a POS her and people like her are the problem of today's marijuana legalization people like them that have no idea at all about cannabis and believe the stories they were told growing up time's have changed people have changed and marijuana or cannabis is proven to help people

  18. The government sucks big time, now they stick their greedy hands in the till.

    Bullshit, i used cannabis 55 years ago and there was stuff around just as good as today.

  19. Scott (Out of the FDA) Gottlieb is wrong as are both talking point pundits – and we've know since 1973 about smoked cannabis "Marihuana smoke, unlike cigarette smoke, causes bronchodilatation rather than bronchoconstriction and, unlike opiates, does not cause central respiratory depression." And Dr. Sue Sisley is about to release the findings with smoked cannabis and PTSD, with amazing results. Actually inhalation is the fastest and most efficient way to get medicine, ask an asthmatic during and attack.

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