Recreational marijuana sales begin in Massachusetts

Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast Tuesday to allow recreational marijuana sales, meaning tens of millions of adult consumers, including …

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  1. So much better and safer than pharmakia. Let's put CVS out of business and legalize it throughout America. TX might be the last state & we have the most cancer patients…

  2. Reporter guy: And can you guess who was first in line?

    Me: SNOOP DOG.

  3. All the people in prison for pot they ought to set them frree put some of the growers on pay roll and let them grow pot at least you will get a return unlike 95 percent of the pricks we have running the show now

  4. U fool grapes is drug cury leaf is druf egg plant is drug dont eat weed is natural its plant grow alchol is not natural

  5. i hope the people who were incarcerated for just having plain marijuana on their person gets their criminal records expunged

  6. so to make it a federal offense, does one have to only be caught with it on a military base or some other federal facility? meaning don't do it at a national park or in a courthouse?

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  9. "The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense."- Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 5, Subsection 2, Paragraph 2291 You've enough Irish roots to know this, and because you know this, you risk Hellfire by your evil deeds.

  10. Barely working! Black market will still be very strong for many years in massachusetts!😃😃

  11. You should smoke at home 🏡 down in the basement under the stairs behind tall boxes 📦 with a blanket over your head while standing in water 💦 just in case your mother calls.

  12. "Somebody wake up Colorado and ask them how this will affect the food industry."
    "Wha- You're going to need a Domino's that uses cannabutter in pizzas, man."

  13. Once it's legal, it will lose it's appeal. Kind of like when you turn 21 and have your first legal beer, then you don't really care anymore

  14. big pharma doesnt want marijuana to be legal because itll hurt their business.

  15. That lady can still keep her job she just needs to be investigating alcohol. I would love to be in that line right now.

  16. hilarious how people still act as if its bad.. alcohol and cigs , what about that, pot at least does good and helps people in MANY ways. what good does alcohol do ? nothing just kills.. pot legal lol ohh brings a tear to my eye im so happy truth is out now

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