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REAL -vs- FAKE “Dank Vape” Comparison!

REAL -vs- FAKE “Dank Vape” Comparison! Link to Purchase My Merch: (EVERY PURCHASE …

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  1. Real Distillate dont move… plain simple no way around that. If your bubble is runny and still got that nice gold color to it doesnt mean its TRASH right off the bat. It just means they filled it with distillate about maybe less than a quarter of the cart and the rest is either VG PG or anything they use to cut it…. thats all to it.

    Whether you say these carts got pesticides and arent the correct % of thc you cant even know that without literally seeing down to the cellular level. And pesticides start at the FLOWER stage not in the distillation.
    And as far as THC%(by law they can lie about the % in some legal states by 10-15%) soo even your “lab tested” labeled carts can have a lower thc content. NOT SAYING EVERY TESTED CART WITH A LABEL IS A LIAR.

    So moral of the story, if your cart DOESNT HAVE A LAB TESTED LABEL WITH EXTRACTION DATES AND ALL THAT. Dont go claiming “my shit dank cause it dont move” looking ass.

    Learn what you should be smoking rather researching if a company real or all that BS.

    -REAL distillate does NOT move
    -pesticides start at the FLOWER level.

  2. I’m gonna check mines when I get home my cart was supposed to taste like lemon but instead it tastes burnt, dirt and like tomato root ashh

  3. I have cao79 on mine w a white ring and the watermelon package has holographic watermelons and raised triangles all over box. Is that real ??

  4. Quick everyone try to say something clever about my name…
    lol no really thank you. Now I feel sure about the legitimacy of my purchase. I’m on “pot of gold” right now. Even tho it’s a bit weaker I enjoy it better than the “blue dream.”

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  6. Dankvapes has a website to buy the carts… Is that where you got the blue dream?

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  8. It's funny how you said the first dank Vapes cart you tried was Mango Kush…..because I'm actually currently vaping on that right now. Lol. Definitely real, the oil is Thick AF! Lol. Plus if I get faded from just a few hits……then I say it's real lol. Crazy thing is my connect was also worried they would be fake, but luckily for both of us, they turned out to be real. That why I try to stack up on them while he has them, because you never know when something could go wrong. At least with weed, you can always just find another person……but when it comes to "Legit" thc carts…….you can't really just go and find them from someone else. At least not in my state you can't lol. And when you do, 80% of the time they are fake.

  9. real ones suck too!! its nothing like smoking a blunt.. i can kill a cart in half a day and never get as baked as i was if i smoked a blunt! they just make u feel a lil light headed and thats about it! and the tiny buzz u get last much shorter than just smoking herb!

  10. what song is that beat used in i know the song but i forgot the name please help

  11. All the danks I’ve gotten have been good, got me high, tasted pretty good, and all the packaging and stuff checked out. But I got a dank from a new dealer and it was the sour apple one and it has a really strong smell which is throwing me off as no other cart has smelled this strong so is this bad or no. And it hits different like idk how to explain but it could be because I didn’t hit a cart for a couple weeks but idk

  12. If a dealer gets mad at you for how meticulous you are when inspecting a cart find a new dealer

  13. How I get them in south Florida I was getting in Dayton Ohio and Go 2pen them are better than dank but just looking for them in the south

  14. I had 3 fake ones that had legit packaging and number and ring and they were fake

  15. I get da real!!! Dank is dank brah!!! Took a minute to find da shit but Dank is the shit. New smart cart can not compare.

  16. My ancient og passes the tests but I dont feel anything off of it. Maybe I'm hitting it wrong but I still get cloud. I bought 2 from the same guy and one works but the other doesn't

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