Priced out: L.A.'s hidden homeless | Full Documentary

Los Angeles is in the midst of the worst homeless crisis the city has ever seen, driven by rising rents, stagnant wages and an affordable housing shortage. CBSN …

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  1. I’m born and raised in NYC and the rent here is so high it’s insane. Also a landlord here can raise the rent as high as they want and evict for no reason. I feel like there should be caps put on the price of a studio, 1 bedroom ect. It’s truly unfortunate that a tenant in NYC is more then paying the landlords mortgage. I can’t wait to get my own place that I own and can do what I want. Hopefully by the next summer I’ll be in my own place. I pray for these families as well, we have a lot of homeless here also. However some people would rather live on the street then you have the fakes out there begging for money making so much in a day just from sitting there with a sign.

  2. So sad for working hard people….why the city is doing this? they don't care. Where are all the celebrity in LA people who have money lots of power to talk about this if I had money like the celebrity's I would build home for low income families if I had money all over the us ….but people in power just don't care about anything but theirselves. So sad that in the US people are going through this middle class people going through this so sad.

  3. why give money to some p.o.s. that lays on their lazy bottom leering at all the pretty playthings and complaigning about all the others hard work. one thing is certain if they set prices for rent above market value it should be illegal for them to lower it for 5 years minimum

  4. Soooo…..who are the people that are able to pay 3000+ ….so the Landlords are able to demand such..?…..the re selling and reselling of properties…is a large part of inflation the last 30 to 40 years….lack of government controls on greed and profiteering and unfair rent increases….GREED RULES AMERICA …and housing is the modern day slavery…..they set LA on fire once and they may riot and burn it again…..Wild Fires to Anger Arson….it all leads back to unbridled greed and Man…unbridled in his activity like a runaway horse…..self destruction due to lack of wisdom…lack of love for life….love for money and Egotism….only leads to God…saying….”if you cannot provide homes for all my children…if you privileged…take more than your share….if thy arrogance rules thy spirit and greed thy heart….then i shall take the homes of the wealthy and the Rich and Powerful and destroy thy security also….all my Creatures had their place….all were equal on this Earth….who has destroyed my good works must also be destroyed.”…No wonder California is burning and flames approach Pacific Palisades.

  5. At 11:40, her 15 year old daughter has her seat belt on while eating her cup o noodles. I used to be a firefighter and saw time and again very horrible scenes after the crash, solo or multi car, where the deaths and/or severe life altering injuries. Not sure if they were getting ready to go somewhere or what not but I think it is automatic for her, as she has been raised by a mother that demonstrably loves her. I really believe that their relationship is, off camera, the same as what we saw, it's not easy to fake authenticity. They love each other and it shows. I would so help them if I could… Anyhow, it could happen to a majority of us. One or two paychecks away from living in your vehicle, your parents or just couch surfing. Now I know it wasn't long but due to circumstances in the winter of '17, in Salem Oregon, I found myself homeless. But I found comforted and supported at the Union Gospel Mission in downtown Salem. It wasn't just the uber friendly people that worked there, they were so nice and understanding, but I was helped by 4 different gentlemen whom I had given either cash, food and sometimes a beer or two. That quartet, such amazing people to be sure. One was my friend Ian. I met him whilst 4wheeling behind Walmart. We struck up a conversation and he was a really cool cat. So when it got really cold or snowy either I would invite him to stay or he would knock on my door. And every time he left he was well rested, he was well fed, he would have $20 in his pocket and a little bag of snacky foods for the road. See? If you are really nice to your fellow humans karma always helps you when you super duper need it. Simplest equation ever…

  6. This same thing is happening in many states. As the population and immigrants, illegals, migrants keep coming as well as everyone overbreeding, the rents and living costs will go up and up. Good costs, living, all will be unaffordable.

  7. Jesus. Those people are citizens, they speak English. Many illegals who don't speak English make it in the US, at least in other states. Why can't these people just move to an affordable state/city and start over? That's what I would do if it happened to me. Love from Brazil.

  8. This problem is getting even worse not any better,, you can't afford the average rent,, I swear all of it is being done on purpose,, did a little bit of research not too long ago at the library,, before covid-19 ,, I have been hearing that was done on purpose as well,, people and their sick little agendas because once you are out on the streets and certain individuals find you,, well you might come up missing permanently,, that's right thousands of homeless people are coming up missing never to be seen again,, for now I have a roof over my head but I'm not too sure for how much longer,, I know one thing I get put back out on the streets again I'm not going to put my tent out in the open where somebody can find me,, I have camping experience bushcrafting experience I'm going to hide,, many homeless people are victims to severe violence,, other people think homeless people are all druggies,, I don't drink smoke or do drugs,, agenda 21 depopulation of people,, I wonder how many of these homeless people have been taken away

  9. Dam why are poor people always complaining about some BS. Make better decisions work harder and learn to manage money better or else leave California and move to Utah, Ohio or some other place where rent is a dollar because frankly we're all sick of the complaints. " oh I'm poor and i want to live in a fancy place and pay little to no rent, i want special treatment" well too bad, just like if you want to eat in a fine dining establishment you have to pay the price same thing with wanting to live in beautiful California you have to pay the price or else move out.

  10. Ok the people on the street I feel bad. To the couple with the daughter, that’s life. Someone sold your building your in a month to month lease. Wtf did you expect. You’re lucky it lasted 16 years.

  11. L.A. had problem this homeless had free check free decade's.
    Do what every other normal person would move out if state clearly let things happen.
    State officials always had tax payers how they spread out is start into pockets for decades if did what how done none of things would have happened big example of real dirty state officials is Chicago.
    Every time u rise high and rules the tax the home owners and businesses u created this .
    L.A. too much taxes and too many rules the only ones too blame are those city state officials that pocketed the money and they always so thier money.

  12. If you want to keep a property buy, renting has very high chance you will be forced out fact is you dont own it you can't force the owner to let you stay. Fact is this will be born come next year

  13. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is all some bull…. People all over America are suffering due to an extremely CORRUPT legal system, greed and selfishness from those who have no understanding nor compassion for others. Right now there are buildings with EMPTY APARTMENTS that the landlords are not renting, but owners are out to evict people. This breaks my heart to look at this.

  14. idk why people flock to California. A crappy house is 1,000,000 dollars… threat of fire burning down your house is high… unemployment is rampant… the state has the highest debt in the nation… can move to any other state and have a better life.

  15. California, they fancy themselves the moral barometer for the nation, their state has the largest homeless population in the country with crap like this making it worse.

  16. $2,350 for a 1 bedroom apartment the the landlord can just raise the rent on whenever they want? I'd get in my car and get the F out of LA. That's crazy high rent.

  17. I was almost homeless during the Corona virus peak and it was super scary. Luckily I have determination and drive and hustle my but off work countless hours I was able to get a ghetto apt in LA. The amount of homeless is shocking.

  18. Ok…let's be honest! Gov no balls newson raise property taxes, allowed people not to pay rent..but landlord's still have state property taxes…now wants to do away with prop 13!!! If property 13 passes….it's financially better to evict tenants and have empty rentals for the tax write offs! Who is really to blame!

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