Pot prices: government vs. black market

How government and black market forces influence the price you pay for pot in Canada. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: …

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  1. It's not only the legal cannabis prices that are the problem, it's the quality. The legal stuff I've bought has been crap, barely got a tingle from it and even a few spots of mold, OCS did nothing

  2. the is crazy ,u pay 270 AUD for 0z horrible quality bush or 350 for normal stuff.price for 7g is 100aud

  3. $10 a gram in a black market covers cost, and danger to the grower and sellers.

    Legal weed would be no more then $5 a gram.

  4. …the legal version has bureaucracy added in…it would therefore cost at least 30-40 percent more…

  5. Should be cheaper than a pack of cigarettes for the same anount of cannabis!!!

  6. 30 dollars for 3.5 grams of premium 16+% THC weed on the black market. If you can't match that I won't buy from you.

  7. Double the price that Highway Robbers charge.

    Why isn't it priced and taxed the same as tobacco, when it costs as much as lettuce to grow!

  8. it's been legal for almost a year now I still haven't spent $10 in the government-run dispensary the weed is way too expensive they should have done some research with the people who actually use the f**** product crazy

  9. Back when i was in high school the black market pot was 10 dollars a gram so that sounds about right

  10. But every sale made legally is one sale Canada would have lost in prohibition. So even if sales made legally are slow now, it's still better than prohibition and will only grow over time as prices inevitably come down to be more attractive to consumers.
    If Canada wants to eradicate the black market, the power is in the pricing. Just depends how much they want to profit vs their desire to get rid of the black market. Getting rid of it may be a break even situation where you're not profiting much from cannabis. But that's better than spending immense sums of money on prohibition.
    No matter what, the government should benefit from a legal market.

  11. A message to canadians if you want to have recreational weed cut out from black market, cut down the price, if not show, its pointless

  12. The lie is in the words "the gov pays" cause they get well over 50% back from taxation.if the gov pays you $5 for a rock they take $2 back for income tax and if you spend the $3 to put gas in your car then it cost the gov $1 to pay you $5 .how much does it COST the gov per gram ? this is propaganda not news

  13. People should be willing to buy from black market even if they charge more because they know there money is not going to be used aganst them. The cartels ar'nt going to spend your money on more pepper spray to spray in your face or hire more people to listen to your phone calls.

  14. So if I go buy a gram of weed at Dominion food store, I'll pay $11 a gram?

  15. Wow Florida , What the Hell are you waiting for .. The Red Sox have won 4 Championships since I moved HERE , YOU owe me for bringing LUCK !!! John Morgan You Caused all this , If Mass. Can Change anyone CAN…

  16. 1.5 for $10 2.5 for $15 3.5 for $25 4 for $30 6 for $35 7 for $40 14 for $70 28 for $140 hp for $500

  17. Don’t trust the Government and the chemical laced, overpriced weed designed for mind control. Grow your own organically. Support your local organic grower.

  18. Everyone saying it’s a fail…the sqdc outlets in Quebec are heavily sol don’t of top shelf product, 3.5 for 35..15g’s for 150 …ridiculous..but there is good weed like Maui Wowie at 16% thc for 80$ for 15 grams which is the cheapest across Canada legally..the prices vary

  19. Will the government sell it for $180-$200 an ounce for 25-30% thc content? If not, they won't get my business. I'm disabled and couldn't afford a higher price.

  20. When people say black market others think shady dude at parliament and Gerrard. I get my bud online from bc for $140 an oz and get super amazing product.

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