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Pot banned at Electric Forest, but enforcement lax

Among the fruit trees and woods near Rothbury, about 50000 people are gathering for the Electric Forest festival. (June 27, 2019)

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  1. I worked security, mostly searching cars and the higher ups told us not to take anyones bud, not like i would have anyway. But this isnt a big deal lol rven in states where its illegal secuirty doesnt give af!

  2. How nice… The police get paid to NOT enforce the law. Maybe that's why there were two overdose deaths last year. Isn't it a bit hypocritical to allow festival goers the right to break our laws all for the sake of a dollar, but I'll bet the cops still harass the patrons of the local bar in Rothbury all year round! Shame on the police and the Village of Rothbury officials!

  3. WOOD TV8 it's called grass. Maybe WoodTV I'll start fest to gating the hundred fists 50 foster care children that are missing since 2018 but then I doubt it Wood TV 8 news is mainstream mockingbird media it was great that the state troopers are helping they really are organized people makes a lot of sense we can always call in reserves and all the sheriff's association's will come to their defense I really like some of the smaller communities where they have the sheriff's association where the officers bring their own horses horse trailers and horses have the first cutting of straw preferably alfalfa. For their horses it's always good to know that the 4th of July it will have officers on horseback patrolling the area that'll be great those are the Fourth of July she got to go to officers on horse facts as well organized yep

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