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Police Arrest NFL Super Bowl Champ Nigel Bradham

Police Arrest NFL Super Bowl Champ Nigel Bradham NFL veteran linebacker and Super Bowl champion Nigel Bradham was busted on drug and weapons …

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  1. arrests like this will not happen when weed becomes legal in this state, in addition to people being permitted to carry firearms, no permit required. One day, he can have these charges tossed out and expunged, because both WILL be fully legal. Best to him. Stupid "bust"

  2. C'mon people. Everybody bitchin saying that something was up with the cops on this. Look, Ima break it down for ya: Red flag 1, Brand new Vette with incorrect plates. Red flag 2, a gun in the glovebox and he didn't have a license to carry which the officer immediately confirmed through dispatch. Red flag 3, Strong smell of pot coming from the car (hint: even if you are legal to smoke it, YOU ARE STILL NOT LEGAL TO DRIVE WHEN SMOKING IT!) Red flag 4, Where he was at, you have to have a medical marijuana card to be legal to smoke it and he did NOT have one which was immediately verified through dispatch that he was not a registered card holder. Red flag 5, took him over 3 minutes to find his registration.
    You only need 1 or 2 red flags before things start going south real fast and given the fact he has no marijuana card and was obviously smoking and driving and carrying an unlicensed gun in the car already gives call for a vehicle search and for that you need plenty of backup so yes I'm sure the officer gave the code for backup within the first 60 seconds of standing at the vehicle's window. And yes, with backup officers running code 3 to get there, it wouldn't take them more than a minute or two to be on scene and blocking the front (escape route) of the vehicle is a must if at all possible because they never know when a person is gonna take off and turn it into a high speed chase and cause a wreck killing innocent people; so yes, by all means, this was absolutely text book procedure and was executed flawlessly.
    Props to Nigel too because he followed commands and was completely cooperative and did not cause a problem or act like a total idiot. He knew he was busted and accepted it. He was nice to the cops and the cops were nice to him. I'm sure that went a long way to helping him with sentencing because they could have easily charged him with more but they didn't. I don't agree with what he was doing but I commend him for his actions when he was asked to step out and was being taken into custody. He actually seems like a nice guy that has just started doing things he shouldn't and maybe got too caught up in it. I really hope he straightens up after this cause he's obviously not a career criminal and I'd really hate to see him go down that path.

  3. He broke the first rule of being arrested, SHUT UP! Don't talk to that friendly officer, and get a lawyer ASAP. Everything you say WILL be used against you.

  4. Cops donโ€™t like young black man specially when they found out who he was they want to destroy us blacks even more when you have something to loose

  5. Common sense states that: If transporting narcotics (even weed) or illegal firearms just drive a regular car that blends into traffic so you don't stand out, at least have the tags valid and obey ALL traffic laws. Also no illegal tint or blacked out head/tail lights. If he was driving a Toyota Avalon with good tags he'd have been much safer but not a new sports car with paper tags and they ars not even valid. Most cops pull you oved just to confirm the vehicle is yours and you still have valid Insuarance on it.

  6. These cops were already on this dude before even questioning him. Someone gave these Officers a tip. No way that many officers showed up that quickly for a lame traffic violation?

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