Poland's Medicinal Marijuana Can Be Legally Prescribed By Tens Of Thousands Of Doctors!


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  1. HEY!!, Might be a random question for this video ,but do u still recommend phenibut or no?

  2. If I use linux on a virtual machine would I download tails for linux or for my actual operating system? Thank you!

  3. Yo avi. What r some good dark web vendor sites or names. Idk whats good or trustworthy nowaday

  4. you sound a bit similar to ben shapiiiiirrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,


  5. You need to try and go get a prescription and film how you did it.

  6. Hey Mike. If your ever in Oslo, Norway hit me up. I would be happy to show you around and take a beer or two😎 Been following for about 2 years now. Peace✌

  7. Nie wiedziałem, że masz tyle wspólnego z PL. Czemu nie robisz przynajmniej tłumaczenia swoich filmów?

  8. Hey bro I'm your Polish fan … I hope you have a good time in Poland …I waiting for film about pregabalin because I'm using it sometime I'm curious what experience you get with the substance

  9. Not only at Poland.. We have this at Germany too but it is much harder to get

  10. Little correction:
    I'm from Luxembourg and cannabis has not yet been legalized. What happened in December is that the political parties in power (in a coalition) since the last elections have put the legalization of recreational cannabis on their agenda, however no time frame or details have yet been revealed. Medical cannabis has been legal for a bit now however it is extremely limited currently (normally only for specific listed problems afaik).

  11. It wouldn't be so expensive if we grew our own cannabis instead of importing it.

  12. Wish I had a friend like you,I unfortunately am kind of a recluse and no body likes 's recluse why I don't know? But it really stinks

  13. I'm gonna be able to get my medical card of they pass this bill this Friday in Pennsylvania and j couldn't be happier

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