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Photoperiod Vs Autoflower Cannabis Plants


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  1. I grew a 3rd gen auto white widow under alicante summer sun and wasnt impressed at all. All fluffy with unusual smell. Did anybody get some connoisseur potency out of any auto? Under what conditions? Thanks

  2. Thank u for this bro ! I been on the fence of starting an auto , your Chanel shed a lot of light ๐Ÿ’ก I think I made up my mind , going photo period x dwc ! Def inspired by your Chanel man !

  3. My opinion is Photos all the way. More forgiving. You can clone, save on the power bill. Better potency. The only way I would run a auto is if Iโ€™m just starting out and will have to veg to get the garden going, then I will run a few autos or Iโ€™ll throw them outside . Long story short photos are way better.

  4. For outdoors, Autos are the future. I think theyโ€™ll be the future indoors too, but that will take a bit longer. The next few years will see incredible developments in autoflower genetics, and photoperiod plants will be a thing of the past.

  5. I started with photo periods but gradually got introduced 2 autos at the moment I am experimenting with a few strains for now I love both no matter what but I tell you this for me it's more of a challenge and more work with a photo. Then Autoflower

  6. I love photo period but the auto s r be to eat to deal with only the told is smaller

  7. I grow autos and photos outdoors and they're both great. The autos did their thing and we're smokin that now while waiting for the photos to finish.
    Great video man. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Definitely photos all the way. I tried a couple of auto grows at the start but not for me. So many limitations for autos

  9. What's your email address where I can send a picture to get some feedback on something

  10. I prefer auto in the early part of the year so I can get another crop after the first, while the photo's are doing there thing. Therefore, the photo can handle much more training and stress, and can be cloned, giving off lots of other plants!

  11. Starting with auto's, cuz i have less light, so can flower the auto's on a longer light cycle

  12. Here I will save everyone 6 minutes and 4 seconds. Photoperiods are better than all the Autoflowers. Autoflowers are NOWHERE near as potent as thorough. Cannabis plants. And you cannot grow then as big as photoperiods because they switch to flower when they want not when you want them to. It is black and white. Only newbies and knobs grow Autos

  13. The main reason I would recommend an auto would be a lower startup cost. A pot, a seed and some soil, that's all it takes for an auto, as long as you have access to at least a window for light. Light leaks aren't a concern, so a tent or dedicated grow room(s) aren't necessary, and the more light the merrier, so no need for a timer either.

  14. Assuming ideal lighting, could I consistently fill a 2×4 scrog with 3 dwc autos?

  15. 1st Auto is small quick easy maintenance potent but the photo can give u a tone more potent to with skills.. photo for me

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