Patrick Byrne on Cannabis Legalization

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, tells the history of the War on Cannabis, and how it’s truly been a War on Black People and other minorities, resulting in mass …

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  1. This is not even true. John Ehrlichman just said this because he had an ax to grind against Nixon after the Watergate disaster but his family claims the quote isn't even real.

  2. These gentlemen have one historical point wrong: the reason the Nixon admin began the War on Drugs was because they were well aware that many in the anti-Vietnam War movement were also marijuana users. Nixon couldn't go after them directly, violating their 1st Amendment rights, so he went after them indirectly via draconian drug laws. That blacks got swept up in this was a side effect. The crackdown on pot was politically, not racially, motivated. See Dan Baum's 1996 book Smoke and Mirrors the War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure for an excellent account of this era.

  3. Bullshit if you die from drug use your a victim but you can't speak on account of you being dead and all

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