Papa and Barkley CBD Oil: This Stuff Is Amazing! (2019 Review)

Papa and Barkley CBD Tincture is made from all-natural ingredients grown on Colorado farms. This product can be delivered nationwide. – Relax from everyday …

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  1. Love this company very high quality and high end.. the price point is definitely up there but you know your getting the finest ingredients… I’ve found if you buy there products from the Canibus dispensaries it is far cheaper then buying straight from them online… the 30ml 900 mg cbd 30:1 tincture they sell for 60 dollars plus tax at most dispensaries if your in a legal state

  2. When the question is What is the CBD tincture in this HEMP DROPS? It means whet is the percentage of CBD vs THC. I found an answer to my question with a few search. Thanks.

  3. Hi HIGH, only need 1 to 3 drops a day, pref 1 drop right before a meal is best, the dose is on the bottle

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