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Our BIGGEST Tips For Flower! #growingmarijuana #marijuana

OUT BIGGEST TIPS FOR FLOWERING CANNABIS! What’s up everyone!!! it’s been awhile! We unfortunately lost some footage …

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  1. Congratulations to Chillin1, who was able to win himself a brand new Viparspectra XS1000!!! If there is something you'd like to see in a video drop it in a comment down below!!!

  2. I'm a noob, working my second grow. My biggest struggle has been deficiencies while I'm also trying to learn to grow strictly organic. Maybe a video showing different deficiencies. My first crop was missing cal-mag due to filtered water. I'm now getting similar brown spots but runoff PH is ok and I recently transplanted into fresh soil. Still trying to diagnose and remedy but deficiencies seem to be my biggest problem so far. That might be a hard video without having deficiencies to display but I like watching people feed, defoliate, train, trim, and tent setup configurations.

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